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EV­ERY TV sit­com you’ve loved over the past 15 years or so, Jay Chan­drasekhar has di­rected it. The first sea­son of Ar­rested

De­vel­op­ment stands out — “the best writ­ing staff, the best ac­tors” — but he’s also done Com­mu­nity, Happy End­ings, New Girl, Fresh

Off the Boat, the list goes on. But none of those shows get him out of a speed­ing fine.

Only one com­edy does that for him, a 2002 film, which he wrote, di­rected and starred in — Su­per Troop­ers. It fol­lowed a group of Ver­mont High­way Pa­trol of­fi­cers as they try to do as lit­tle law en­force­ment as pos­si­ble. It was highly quotable, highly stupid, and it caught on.

Then the cult seeped out­wards, to its founders.

“It would hap­pen at restau­rants: the bar­tender and his staff would know it, so we’d get free drinks,” Chan­drasekhar says. “Then it was base­ball games: we go to base­ball or foot­ball or hockey games, it’s like we’re Brad Pitt.

“The other group that re­ally loves us is cops. You get pulled over for speed­ing, they’re like, ‘Oh, sorry sir. Have a good day’.”

It’s no sur­prise Chan­drasekhar and his crew — Paul Soter, Steve Lemme, Erik Stol­hanske and Kevin Heffernan — are do­ing a se­quel.

In Su­per Troop­ers 2, the squad is as­signed to the US/ Canada bor­der af­ter a stuff-up of bor­der mark­ings means a French-Cana­dian town must now come un­der US con­trol.

Cue Cana­dian jokes, com­pet­i­tive Moun­ties and a run-in with a griz­zly bear.

“The bear was one of the best ac­tors in the movie,” says Chan­drasekhar. “It’s a 1400 pound (635kg) griz­zly named

Whop­per and it works for meat. When it comes to a mark, it gets fed a piece of meat. In or­der to get it to growl, you wave a piece of meat at it.

“Once you get it to run, though, it is for the rest of the day in kill mode and it’s gotta go in the cage, you can’t work with it any more. They don’t even want you to go look at the bear in the cage.”

Like­wise, the ac­tor who plays the mayor of the town was an an­i­mal. “We put Rob Lowe in a cage and we’d never look him in the eye,” Chan­drasekhar laughs.

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