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QIRE­CENTLY bought an XF Fal­con and was told by the owner and his par­ents that the car ran on un­leaded. When I got the car home and looked un­der the bon­net I no­ticed the build date was July, 1985. I had some­one have a look at the car and they said the fuel spout be­hind the num­ber plate is too big and that they were usu­ally on the leaded Fal­cons, but my dad says it might be un­leaded be­cause of the al­loy head. Nathan Douglas,


ATHEshort an­swer is there is no sim­ple way of check­ing. Pre­un­leaded cars had a larger fuel filler, and to avoid own­ers ac­ci­den­tally fill­ing their cars with leaded a smaller fuel filler neck was used on un­leaded cars, which mated with the smaller noz­zle at the servo. Though the al­loy head had a valve-seat in­sert, it might not be suf­fi­ciently hard­ened to cop the pound­ing from un­leaded fuel. I also doubt Ford would have changed the valves to the hard­ened ones needed for un­leaded fuel. All this sug­gests you shouldn’t run the car on un­leaded with­out an ad­di­tive.

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