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QI BOUGHT an ex-demo Holden Epica CDX in De­cem­ber last year. Since then I have had some prob­lems with it and was won­der­ing if any­one else has had the same ex­pe­ri­ence. The front in­te­rior door han­dles needed to be re­placed af­ter the plas­tic came away, caus­ing cuts to the hands when us­ing them. The brakes have ‘‘failed’’ half a dozen times and the deal­er­ship is un­able to find any rea­son for this to hap­pen. When they fail, the pedal goes rock hard and I amunable to brake straight away, tak­ing a sec­ond or two to come to a com­plete stop. This is ac­com­pa­nied by a hor­ren­dous grat­ing-type noise. One pos­i­tive is this only seems to hap­pen at low speeds. The anti-skid and trac­tion con­trol warn­ing lamps come on and stay on for no rea­son. The ser­vice depart­ment told me this could mean a fault with the anti-skid and trac­tion con­trol, or could be a sen­sor is­sue, but ei­ther way re­quired a ser­vice to fix the prob­lem with the com­puter. Be­fore I could book the car in they went off— some­thing I was told wouldn’t hap­pen, as it needed to be hooked up to their com­puter to turn them off. It is get­ting very frus­trat­ing. Is any­one else hav­ing the same prob­lems? Re­becca Belleville

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HAVEN’T heard of any­one hav­ing the same prob­lems, but our read­ers might be able to help out if they have suf­fered them. It does sound like your prob­lem is an elec­tri­cal one within the anti-skid sys­tem, so I would per­sist with your dealer and have it ser­viced as they have rec­om­mended. Don’t think the prob­lem is fixed be­cause the warn­ing lights have sud­denly gone off. You need to have the sys­tem checked.

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