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THE fu­ture is all about Gen­er­a­tion I. In case you’re won­der­ing, that’s the tag given to the gen­er­a­tion born af­ter the start of the in­ter­net age.

There is no al­pha­bet­i­cal link be­tween Gen X and Gen Y and now Gen I, but there is a tech­nol­ogy trail that ties them as tightly as a 14-year-old to an Xbox 360.

So, who knows what we’ll be driv­ing when the kids of Gen I are old enough to get a li­cence for the road?

I was think­ing about this as I rocked my own Gen I young­ster last week while tuned in to the Dis­cov­ery Chan­nel.

The spur was a multi-part doc­u­men­tary called Fu­tureCar.

It fast-for­wards to the year 2030 and looks at ev­ery­thing from car bodies to on-board brains, fu­els and even safety and de­sign.

And it does it with plenty of de­tail, high-def­i­ni­tion pic­tures and ac­cess to some of the smartest and most in­no­va­tive thinkers in the car world to­day.

I have spo­ken to many of the ex­perts who ap­pear in Fu­ture- Car and they know their stuff. Many are vi­sion­ar­ies.

But it’s the way the pack­age is put to­gether, with truly fas­ci­nat­ing dives into tech­nol­ogy and de­sign, that makes Fu­tureCar so in­spir­ing.

The pro­gram demon­strates there is a fu­ture for the car, and well be­yond 2030.

I’m not con­vinced about cars that drive them­selves, or some of the rad­i­cal shapes and pow­er­plants, but there is a lot to see and learn in this Dis­cov­ery pro­duc­tion.

There is vir­tual re­al­ity and hap­tic tech­nol­ogy, wheel motors that re­place en­gines, nano­ma­te­ri­als, farm fu­els and even a look into what ‘‘speed’’ will mean in the fu­ture.

My or­der for a full DVD set is on its way to the US and it’s some­thing I can def­i­nitely rec­om­mend, ei­ther to ca­ble watch­ers or in­ter­net shop­pers who will find Fu­tureCar with a ba­sic Google search.

Good­ness, it even sounds like I’m com­ing to grips with the lat­est tech­nol­ogy.

Not bad for a baby boomer.

Wheels of 2030: the Moller fly­ing car, as seen on

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