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The man­ual is an­noy­ing in heavy traf­fic, es­pe­cially when it turns off dur­ing idle. I found the sug­gested gear change in­ter­est­ing, mostly be­cause it sug­gested chang­ing be­fore 2000 revs — this is ob­vi­ously how they claim such low con­sump­tion. Very rarely did I get it into sixth gear around town, even when it sug­gested it at 70km/h.

But this car is re­ally fun with a gokart feel. It sounds like many other diesel en­gines — and this one was sim­i­lar to an old Her­bie.

There is plenty of power for a small car and it’s very zippy around the city, but you tend to not fo­cus on how fast you’re go­ing when the gauge is in the mid­dle of the dash. And the mesh cover on the sun­roof is ba­si­cally use­less. It should have been solid.

But over­all it han­dles very well and you’d rec­om­mend it to any­one looking for some ba­sic thrills with min­i­mal run­ning costs.

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