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Bat­man Later Bat­mo­biles were just ridicu­lous, but the Bat­mo­bile from the 1966-68 TV se­ries and 1966 movie . . . now that was a Bat­mo­bile.

Clearly recog­nis­able as a mod­i­fied road car, the best Bat­mo­bile was al­ready more than 10 years old by the time it ap­peared on screen, hav­ing orig­i­nally been pre­sented by Ford as a swoopy con­cept car in 1954. De­signer Ge­orge Bar­ris added a few wings, pipes and bat lo­gos and the Bat­mo­bile was all ready for ac­tion.

Well, not all the time. Ap­par­ently the Bat­mo­bile was prone to over­heat­ing. Trivia note: Ge­orge Bar­ris also built the truck used by The Bev­erly Hill­bil­lies. That time around though, no atomic thrusters were in­cluded. Na­tional Lam­poon's Vacation Clark Gris­wold's fam­ily hol­i­day was doomed from the moment he took pos­ses­sion of his new car: a grotesque, mas­sively long sta­tion wagon sold to him by the fi ne folk at Lou Glutz Mo­tors.

Equipped with a rain­for­est of wood pan­elling and eight head­lights, the Truck­ster nev­er­the­less ex­hibits ex­tra­or­di­nary struc­tural in­tegrity, sur­viv­ing many im­pacts on the way to Wally World. Trivia note: The Truck­ster reap­peared this year in a Su­per­bowl ad fea­tur­ing Vacation stars Chevy Chase and Bev­erly D’An­gelo.


Bul­litt A handy driver, US ac­tor Steve McQueen com­peted in many rac­ing events.

Those ex­pe­ri­ences cer­tainly proved ben­e­fi­cial when McQueen vol­un­teered to do much of his own driv­ing in the 1968 cop thriller Bul­litt.

They say ac­tors should never work with kids or an­i­mals, and maybe they should also avoid cars, be­cause McQueen's Mus­tang Fast­back (main pic­ture) ut­terly steals this movie. McQueen de­serves sub­stan­tial credit here, be­cause his ag­gres­sive, two-fi sted driv­ing style is per­fect for get­ting the most from his over-pow­ered, un­der­tyred “co-star”. Trivia note: In 2001 and 2008 Ford launched Bul­litt trib­ute ver­sions of mod­ern Mus­tangs.


Gran Torino Not a gen­uine clas­sic car. Not some­thing col­lec­tors re­ally han­ker for. Not a car that you would re­ally ex­pect Asian crime gangs to show a great deal of in­ter­est in, frankly.

But you cer­tainly won't hear me say­ing that to Walt Kowal­ski (or to Clint East­wood, for that mat­ter). Trivia note: A later model of the Ford Gran Torino fea­tured in the TV cop-buddy se­ries Starsky & Hutch.

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