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WE have been hear­ing about Chi­nese cars com­ing to Aus­tralia for more than two years. I re­mem­ber ar­ti­cles from 2008, maybe ear­lier, stat­ing that they were lit­er­ally around the corner, and here we are two years later and no closer to see­ing a pas­sen­ger car. I feel that they are doomed at least in the short/medium term and here’s why: LOOK at Pro­ton. Sim­i­lar story — of­fer­ing low price and bud­get cars but have largely failed in the Aus­tralian mar­ket­place WHAT car com­pany in­tro­duced into the mar­ket in the past 20 years has truly suc­ceeded? The French have failed. Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge still has less than 1 per cent of the mar­ket af­ter 15 years. Dai­hatsu even bailed. THIS is the big one — there’s a BIG dif­fer­ence be­tween a Chi­nese-built car and a Chi­nese-branded car.

Peo­ple will be re­luc­tant to buy Chi­nese-branded cars at first, be­cause who knows what their long-term fu­ture is?

David Z, email The re­al­ity is sim­ple: the Chi­nese are com­ing and they are com­ing strongly. In the two years since the last Cars­guide visit they have fo­cused far more on ex­ports with three brands com­mit­ted and at least an­other two in the start­ing blocks. It will take some time, but Great Wall al­ready proves with its utes that plenty of peo­ple will gam­ble if the price is good enough.


In re­gard to Smithy’s re­view of the Chrysler Grand Voy­ager, there were two er­rors in the ar­ti­cle that need to be clar­i­fied. The im­age used was in­cor­rect, as where the ar­ti­cle re­ferred to the pre­vi­ous-gen­er­a­tion Chrysler Grand Voy­ager (RG) the ve­hi­cle pic­tured was the cur­rent-gen­er­a­tion Grand Voy­ager (RT). Also, when Smithy re­ferred to the ve­hi­cle’s safety rat­ing he men­tioned the test was per­formed by ANCAP, but this is in­cor­rect. The test was per­formed in Europe on a left-hand drive ve­hi­cle with a pow­er­train that was never avail­able to the Aus­tralian mar­ket.

Jerry Sta­moulis, PR man­ager, Chrysler Aus­tralia

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