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AS THE re­cent re­cip­i­ent of a speed­ing fine in­curred dur­ing over­tak­ing on one of our state’s sin­gle-car­riage­way, two-lane roads — hear, hear to Doug Mul­let ( cars­Guide, May 14).

Should we safely and quickly pass by stay­ing on the on­com­ing side of the road for the short­est time or should we watch our speedo?

Gra­ham Wil­son, Port Fairy Hear, hear to you.


RE­GARD­ING the rant about speed­ing, its a shame peo­ple don’t get as fired up about our pa­thetic driver li­cens­ing sys­tem.

De­cent train­ing gives new driv­ers an idea of the dif­fer­ence 5km/h makes, and gets through more ef­fec­tively than an anger-in­duc­ing fine.

Trou­ble is, train­ing costs money, whereas fines pro­duce it. Our State Govern­ment has man­aged to brain­wash some sim­plis­tic souls into think­ing speed is the ma­jor prob­lem— it’s the biggest con ever per­pet­u­ated on the pub­lic.

Geoff Fick­ling, Mo­tor­vate


READ­ING re­views of the new Suzuki Kiza­shi I have come to re­alise that com­pa­nies such as Subaru and Toy­ota are start­ing to run out of ex­cuses for their av­er­age of­fer­ings in the mid-size mar­ket.

As a big Subaru fan, it ir­ri­tates me that a com­pany such as Suzuki can come up with such an at­trac­tive and pol­ished of­fer­ing in a class it has all but no ex­pe­ri­ence in com­pet­ing in.

The Subaru Lib­erty, a long­time favourite, is now a re­volt­ing com­bi­na­tion of lack­lus­tre Amer­i­can de­sign and an un­charis­matic in­te­rior; the Toy­ota is equally bland, av­er­age and un­ex­citable.

The Suzuki does lack the driv­e­train qual­ity of Subaru, but that’s more than made up for by an amaz­ingly low price as well as more stan­dard equip­ment than in a Lib­erty cost­ing $15,000 more.

When was the last time you heard of a com­pe­tent Ja­panese car cost­ing $34,990 with stan­dard leather seats, xenon lights, cli­mate, cruise, trac­tion con­trol/ elec­tronic sta­bil­ity con­trol, sun­roof — the list goes on.

My love for Subaru has meant for­giv­ing the foibles of the Lib­erty on grounds of devel­op­ment costs and the like, but now my sym­pa­thy has been lost.

As for Toy­ota, they don’t even have the ex­cuse of be­ing a small in­de­pen­dent com­pany. Rub­bish I say.

Jor­dan Kat­sia­nis, email The Kiza­shi is very good, but Suzuki is just get­ting started, so it has a clean sheet and enor­mous en­thu­si­asm. The Lib­erty is a great car spoiled by looks, but Toy­ota has lost the plot on any­thing but A-to-B trans­port mod­ules. Our re­view of the Kiza­shi this week rates it a solid Car of the Year con­tender.

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