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I WOULD like your thoughts on the Holden Cruze YG man­ual.

Shaun Red­man, email The Cruze is not the best in class— that would be the VW Golf— but it’s a solid and sen­si­ble con­tender. We rate it sim­i­larly to the Mit­subishi Lancer, though it does not have the ri­val’s fiveyear war­ranty.


I AM look­ing at buy­ing a tur­bod­iesel Out­back (right) or the pre­vi­ous model and fit­ting LPG.

Mick Noo­nan, email The Out­back diesel is very good, though it needs kilo­me­tres to give its best. And it’s only a man­ual. Subaru is to­tally against LPG con­ver­sions on its en­gines.


I BOUGHT a Subaru Out­back in Fe­bru­ary and love it, but the speedo is read­ing higher than the car’s ac­tual speed. When it shows 100km/h I am ac­tu­ally do­ing 92km/h and at 60km/h I am do­ing 54km/h. Af­ter call­ing Subaru I was told this is cor­rect and can­not be ad­justed and all Subarus are made with this dis­crep­ancy de­lib­er­ately set. At no stage dur­ing the test drive or pur­chase did any­one men­tion this was the case and I was dis­ap­pointed to be told this af­ter I have been driv­ing around hold­ing up traf­fic for three months.

Alan Foon, email Speedome­ter er­ror is nor­mal in ev­ery car. The world stan­dard is 10 per cent er­ror, plus or mi­nus, but car com­pa­nies do not de­lib­er­ately set their speedos wrongly. In­stru­ment spe­cial­ists can cor­rect it, but you al­ready know the er­ror in your dial.


I JUST saw a Skoda wagon and it is a very strik­ing car. How does it com­pare against the Volk­swa­gen Golf?

Wayne McS­tay, email Skoda is the Czech brand in the Volk­swa­gen fam­ily and the car you prob­a­bly saw is an Oc­tavia, one of the undis­cov­ered gems in to­day’s show­rooms. It’s big­ger than the Golf and, depend­ing on the model, more like a Pas­sat but with bet­ter value.

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