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VIEW of the ap­par­ent weak­ness in ball joints on Ter­ri­to­rys would you rec­om­mend we change them as a pre­cau­tion on our 2005 SX Ter­ri­tory that has done 21,000km? Is there a bet­ter qual­ity of re­place­ment part we could use?

John Blun­dell, email No, I wouldn’t change them be­fore con­sult­ing your Ford dealer. Ford has of­fered all Ter­ri­tory own­ers concerned about the ball joints a free in­spec­tion by their dealer, and if they are found to be worn to the point of be­ing un­safe they will re­place them free. Take up the of­fer and have your car checked. I’m un­aware of any bet­ter qual­ity re­place­ment part you could use.



af­ter buy­ing our new 2008 Toy­ota Kluger Grande we no­ticed an un­pleas­ant odour when driv­ing up a hill and ac­cel­er­at­ing. We no­ti­fied Toy­ota WERE­CENTLY re­ported on the fail­ure of a front ball joint of a Ford Ter­ri­tory owned by

cars­Guide reader Linda Mate. Were­ferred the fail­ure to Ford and a spokesper­son quickly got back to us to tell us that they had al­ready been in con­tact with the owner and that the com­pany would cover all costs of re­pairs to the ve­hi­cle. The re­sult was good for all concerned and Ford should be com­mended for its ac­tion in this case. and dis­cov­ered it was ex­haust fumes en­ter­ing the car through the back win­dow. Toy­ota re­placed the rear door with a new one, but when that didn’t fix it they re­placed the rear win­dow seal with a thicker rub­ber. That still did not fix the prob­lem. Now, nearly two years on, I am quite an­noyed I am still driv­ing my fam­ily around in a $60,000-plus car that still fills up with ex­haust fumes. Please let me

In a fix: a plea over prob­lems with fumes in the Toy­ota Kluger Grande. know how to get this rec­ti­fied and where I stand legally?

Chris Brown, email Yours is the first re­port of this prob­lem, but other Kluger own­ers might like to let us know of their ex­pe­ri­ence. Toy­ota’s ac­tions in re­plac­ing the door and the seal are what you would ex­pect with this prob­lem, which is usu­ally caused by a dam­aged seal or door, or a dam­aged ex­haust pipe. I be­lieve Toy­ota is clearly re­spon­si­ble for fix­ing the prob­lem as the car is still un­der war­ranty. Keep the pres­sure up on the dealer and the com­pany.



READ with in­ter­est Peter Shana­han’s com­ments ( cars­Guide, July 23) on the prob­lems he was hav­ing with the tem­per­a­ture warn- ing light com­ing on in his Toy­ota HiLux, be­cause it ap­pears Toy­ota has a sim­i­lar prob­lem with its new Prado auto as well. My brother has been told there is a fix that in­volves remap­ping of the auto, which from what I gather then lets the auto change up ear­lier rather than hold­ing the gears longer. I would as­sume this would also be able to be done on the HiLux.

Jim Rogers, Boro­nia We’ve asked Toy­ota about the fix and whether it ap­plies to the HiLux and will re­port back.

ME TOO . . .


you had a let­ter re­gard­ing a Toy­ota HiLux SR-5 and the tem­per­a­ture light com­ing on when it was tow­ing. We have a 2009 TRD HiLux and the trans­mis­sion

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