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MERCEDES-BENZ has re­vealed the sec­ond gen­er­a­tion of its Ac­tive Brake As­sist sys­tem for the heavy-duty Ac­tros truck.

The first-gen­er­a­tion sys­tem en­ables the truck to sense a slow­ing ve­hi­cle in front and slow the truck with­out any brake in­put from the driver.

This new gen­er­a­tion of the sys­tem can now pull up the truck if it de­tects a sta­tion­ary ob­ject. Mercedes says the sys­tem will now work when traf­fic has come to a halt in front of the truck.

The sys­tem uses radar which scans 200m in front of the truck.

If there is a ve­hi­cle in that zone, the Ac­tive Brake As­sist sys­tem con­trols the truck to main­tain a safe dis­tance.

Mercedes says the lat­est-gen­er­a­tion Ac­tive Brake As­sist pro­gram works from 1km/h to 100km/h and is more ro­bust in all weather and light con­di­tions.

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