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I AM a 64-year-old teenager who has loved cars just about for­ever.

In re­gards to your cash-for­clunkers ar­ti­cle, I have found in the past that you seem to get a bet­ter deal on a new car if you don’t have a trade-in.

The dealer doesn’t have to try to make a dol­lar out of an older car. It makes things a lot eas­ier for him and for your­self be­cause you don’t have to hag­gle about the value of your old car.

With the cash-for-clunkers scheme, as I un­der­stand it, you get $2000 from Aunty Ju­lia and the dealer makes a phone call to get rid of your faith­ful and re­li­able old friend. Only thing is, I hope a lot more thought has been put into this scheme than the BER and in­su­la­tion schemes.

John Fuller, email You will get a bet­ter deal if you have cash for a pur­chase, but $2000 is a lousy de­posit for bat­tlers try­ing to make the num­bers for even a $13,000 Suzuki Alto.


I HAVE a 2002 model Avalon which was one of the vic­tims of the March hail­storm. My dilemma is that noth­ing we have test driven has been as com­fort­able to drive as the Avalon and we do not fancy the idea of driv­ing all over Mel­bourne to test drive a whole range of cars.

Can you rec­om­mend a com­pa­ra­ble ve­hi­cle to suit a cou­ple of re­tirees who want a com­fort­able, safe car with­out pay­ing through the nose. Four-wheel-drives are out as are what I un­der­stand to be SUVs, so an­other sedan is our fi­nal op­tion

Eric Billing­ham, email It’s sim­ple— go for a Toy­ota Camry. The Avalon is re­ally just a Camry un­der the skin any­way, and you should get the com­fort and re­fine­ment you crave with a T-badge on the grille.


I RUN a small trans­port/courier com­pany, and have a few vans and a truck on the road.

About three years ago we changed our fleet over to Toy­ota Hi­Ace (above) and I’m am very dis­ap­pointed with one of them.

Af­ter only 2½ years the wa­ter pump stopped work­ing. Though the war­ranty had ex­pired, I would have ex­pected Toy­ota to fix it with­out charg­ing for the faulty pump. But no such luck. Not only that, they said the van would be off the road for three days.

That’s not good enough. We got the job done via Lube Mo­bile on the fol­low­ing day in three hours, and at half the cost of Toy­ota. Next time we change over vans, I’m look­ing at the Hyundai iLoad vans.

Gus Pegel, GTS Trans­port Ser­vices Sounds like more of a prob­lem with the dealer. Small faults are in­evitable in any car and the real prob­lem is get­ting a deal with the right com­mit­ment to ser­vice.

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