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Q LAST year, when my Holden Ad­ven­tra needed new tyres, my tyre dealer sug­gested fit­ting Bridge­stone Potenza 235/45 R17 tyres in­stead of the orig­i­nal 225/55 R17 Bridge­stone Tu­ran­zas. The Poten­zas were $30 a tyre cheaper and I was told that this was a com­mon change, so I went ahead. But af­ter read­ing about the pos­si­bil­ity of mak­ing a car un­road­wor­thy when such a change is made, I would like your opin­ion on whether the change af­fected my ve­hi­cle’s road­wor­thi­ness.

Gra­ham Otte, Hop­pers Cross­ing Swap­ping the 225/55 R17 tyres for 235/45 R17 is pos­si­ble if you use an ‘‘ex­tra load’’-rated tyre to get the equiv­a­lent load rat­ing of the orig­i­nal tyres. But the 235/45 R17 tyres are 18mm smaller in di­am­e­ter and fall out­side the le­gal max­i­mum of 15mm dif­fer­ence in size al­lowed. Tech­ni­cally, your car is un­road­wor­thy. As a rule, go­ing to a smaller tyre as you have done is not rec­om­mended.


Q I AM hav­ing trou­ble start­ing my 1989 Toy­ota Camry SV21. It won’t turn over for about two min­utes and when it does fi­nally turn over it cuts out when I put my foot on the pedal. I have had it ser­viced and fit­ted new spark plugs, new bat­tery and a used cold-start part. Once it’s warmed up it goes re­ally well. Can you help?

Baris Sahin, email When you turn the key you should be able to hear the starter so­le­noid kick in to en­gage the starter. If it doesn’t, it could be a prob­lem with the so­le­noid. If you can hear it en­gag­ing the starter it could be the bat­tery. Even though you say you have fit­ted a new one, check its con­di­tion and make sure it is one with suf­fi­cient cold-crank­ing ca­pac­ity for your car. When it does fire, don’t put your foot on the throt­tle im­me­di­ately. The SV21 has fuel in­jec­tion and do­ing that will con­fuse the ECU. Just let it run for a moment be­fore try­ing to drive away.


Q MY DEALER’S ser­vice cen­tre rec­om­mended I get the ‘‘in­jec­tor ser­vice’’ done with the 15,000km ser­vice on my Ford Fo­cus. I bought it new last year and it has done only 11,000km, and to date I’ve had no prob­lems with it. I didn’t agree to the ser­vice be­cause I thought there was no need for it to be done so early in the car’s life. Can you ad­vise when this type of ser­vice would be re­quired?

Den­nis, email There re­ally isn’t any need to do an in­jec­tor ser­vice; the dealer is just sell­ing you up to some­thing you don’t need. You prob­a­bly will never need to have an in­jec­tor ser­vice, but if the car starts to run roughly later on you could then have the sys­tem cleaned. I wouldn’t ex­pect that to hap­pen be­fore at least 80,000km, if ever.


Q IS THERE an LPG kit for a petrol 2007 Nis­san Pathfinder?

Mark Gret­grix, email There have been is­sues with the cat­alytic con­vert­ers over­heat­ing, break­ing up and be­ing in­gested into the en­gine with Pathfind­ers run­ning on LPG and in­stall­ers gen­er­ally don’t rec­om­mend it. The guys at the Aus­tralian LPG Ware­house tell us they re­cently fit­ted a Pathfinder with one of their JTG liq­uid-in­jec­tion sys­tems. They say the com­bus­tion tem­per­a­ture with their sys­tem is the same as it would be on petrol, al­le­vi­at­ing the prob­lem with the cat con­vert­ers.

Short-changed: a change of tyre was for the worse on Ad­ven­tra.

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