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I’VE be­come less im­pressed with your opin­ions and no­ticed a some­what skewed ap­proach in ex­tolling the virtues of what ap­pear to be two or three favoured brands.

A case in point is my 2006 Hyundai Sonata 2.4L mid-range auto sedan (be­low) which I bought new. You re­cently gave this now-su­per­seded model what I be­lieve to be a rather poor re­view.

My ex­pe­ri­ence af­ter nearly four years of driv­ing this car is quite the op­po­site of your cri­tique. I’ve found the ve­hi­cle to be com­fort­able, easy to drive, spa­cious in seat­ing room and boot space, safe, vi­sion is good, it is eco­nom­i­cal to run and ser­vice and yet has suf­fi­cient power for both lo­cal and coun­try driv­ing.

My only two real is­sues are a poor turn­ing cir­cle and rather harsh, cheap plas­tic dash­board fit­tings. Oth­er­wise ev­ery­thing works, and this car has never caused me one iota of trou­ble in the four years we’ve safely driven it.

I say this hav­ing driven for al­most five decades, and hav­ing owned more than 20 cars of var­i­ous makes and price points in that time. This list be­gins with FX, EJ and EH Hold­ens, and in­cludes such makes as Volk­swa­gen ( early Bee­tles), Peu­geots, Volvo, Maz­das, Ford Fair­lane, Com­modores and two re­cent­model Audis plus oth­ers.

Noel McMahon, Sand­hurst In my opin­ion, the Sonata is way back in the pack, eas­ily trumped by some­thing like a Toy­ota Camry. Its many weak­nesses are why Hyundai has gone so hard on the all­new i45 and even killed the Sonata name in its lat­est line-up.

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