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I have my 2006 Ford Fo­cus ser­viced by my Ford dealer, but it’s cheaper to have it ser­viced at Ul­tratune, or the like. Is the ser­vice as good? The is­sue is Ford up­dates to the on­board com­puter that I pre­sume non-Ford deal­ers can­not do.

Wayne Mitchell, email It’s al­ways a con­cern when us­ing a non-fac­tory ser­vice out­let that you could miss out on re­calls or up­dates is­sued by the fac­tory. Non­fac­tory ser­vice out­lets are ca­pa­ble of do­ing the ba­sic ser­vic­ing, but I’m not con­vinced they keep up to date with the changes that take place by car­mak­ers with­out any ad­vice to the wider com­mu­nity. But be­cause your car is out of war­ranty you could have it ser­viced at a non­fac­tory out­let with­out too much risk. QWE

WERE very happy to see you ad­dress the is­sue of the ball joints in the 2004 RWD Ford


Ter­ri­tory. This is a re­pair we had to have un­der­taken about 18 months ago, cost­ing more than $1000. We were out­raged that our car, which had done less than 30,000km and none of it off-road, suf­fered such a sig­nif­i­cant fail­ure. We are now in the process of hav­ing our money re­funded. Please main­tain the rage; Ford clearly took short cuts on the ear­lier mod­els.

Re­becca Sul­li­van, e-mail Glad we could play a part in help­ing own­ers get some sat­is­fac­tion in what has been a frus­trat­ing is­sue with the Ter­ri­tory. We be­lieve Ford han­dled this is­sue poorly ini­tially, but the com­pany is now pro­vid­ing own­ers with as­sis­tance in get­ting their cars re­paired. The prob­lem hasn’t gone away, how­ever. The ball joints are still wear­ing and you may have to re­place them again at some point in the fu­ture.



WANT to con­vert my 2004 Mit­subishi Chal­lenger to gas and would like to know the dif­fer- ences be­tween the var­i­ous sys­tems and which of them would best suit my ve­hi­cle?

Henry Law­son, Point Cook There are three main types of LPG sys­tems: the mixer/ven­turi sys­tem that was very suc­cess­fully used for many years and which is like a car­bu­ret­tor on a reg­u­lar petrol en­gine; the vapour-in­jec­tion sys­tem that op­er­ates like the fuel-in­jec­tion sys­tem that’s fit­ted to your car; and the lat­est liq­uid-in­jec­tion sys­tem that in­jects the LPG into the in­let man­i­fold in liq­uid form. It’s claimed the liq­uid-in­jec­tion sys­tem is the most ef­fi­cient and delivers the best out­come, but vapour-in­jec­tion is claimed by some to be al­most as ef­fi­cient and well proven. In your sit­u­a­tion I would say ei­ther liq­uid or vapour-in­jec­tion from a recog­nised brand, such as Euro­gas or IMPCO, is your best bet.



READ about a prob­lem with a vi­bra­tion in a Fal­con. We had a sim­i­lar ex­pe­ri­ence with my wife’s 2004 Fal­con XT. The steer­ing wheel would start to vi­brate badly, some­times so badly that you had to pull over. Our me­chanic found that the brake mas­ter cylin­der was faulty caus­ing the front brakes to be lightly ap­plied all the time, which in turn was mak­ing the ro­tors heat up and warp slightly. Once he’d re­placed it the prob­lem was fixed, but be­fore that we had to re­place the steer­ing col­umn be­cause the ig­ni­tion switch broke. We also re­placed the front discs be­cause they were worn out,

Risk: a Ford Fo­cus driver has con­cerns over where to get his car ser­viced.

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