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Q LAST Novem­ber I bought a 2003 Citroen C3 Sen­so­matic from a dealer. I no­ticed that the wind­screen was de­lam­i­nat­ing and took it back for rec­ti­fi­ca­tion. The dealer had it re­placed, but I then no­ticed that the auto lights and wipers were not work­ing prop­erly. When I men­tioned this to them I was told that it couldn’t be done. Be­ing quite a green­horn around cars I thought it was OK, but then the rear-vi­sion mir­ror fell off. Back I went and it was fixed, only to have it hap­pen again, and again when I went back a sec­ond time. So it was fixed again only to have it fall off again. I even tried to re­pair it my­self, but still to no avail. I have found out the wrong wind­screen was in­stalled and I was told it didn’t mat­ter what I did, noth­ing would hold it to the glass be­cause the black patch the mir­ror sticks to was in the wrong po­si­tion. I feel I have been dud­ded be­cause it can­not now be sold as a Sen­so­matic, be­cause of the light and wipers not work­ing as they should, and it is il­le­gal to drive around with­out an in­ter­nal rear-vi­sion mir­ror. The car is fine ex­cept for these prob­lems. What is my course of ac­tion to get this rec­ti­fied?

Graeme Boyd, email The Citroen im­porter has told us that the cor­rect wind­screen is avail­able, so it ap­pears that the dealer in­volved has sim­ply fit­ted the in­cor­rect one, pos­si­bly be­cause it was the cheap­est op­tion. The dealer has done the wrong thing by you, so you should at­tempt to re­solve your com­plaint with them. If that isn’t pos­si­ble, con­sider go­ing to the fair-trad­ing peo­ple and seek­ing their as­sis­tance.


Q AN­OTHER cars Guide reader, Mur­ray Cox, re­cently com­plained of a knock that ap­peared to come from the rear end of his BF Fal­con SR Se­ries II. I had the same prob­lem and none of the me­chan­ics or the Ford dealer I took it to could find the cause, but even­tu­ally I found that the bolts hold­ing the diff in were ei­ther bro­ken or stripped and all of the bushes were per­ished.

Robert Shep­herd, email We also heard from an­other reader who told us the diff bushes were the likely cause of the knock and that they are a com­mon fail­ure in that model.


Q EV­ERY­THING I have read sug­gests that it would be fine to use E10 fuel in my 1998 Toy­ota Camry Vienta, but my me­chanic said I should change to 95-oc­tane when reg­u­lar un­leaded was no longer avail­able be­cause he was ex­pe­ri­enc­ing many prob­lems in dif­fer­ent types of ve­hi­cles, both new and older. Your thoughts?

Ian West, email The FCAI guide to E10 com­pat­i­bil­ity in­di­cates you can use E10 in your car and BP also says you can use E10 with­out a prob­lem. But there is too lit­tle real-world ex­pe­ri­ence avail­able yet to say for sure that it will be fine. At least for the short term your me­chanic’s ad­vice to use pre­mium un­leaded would seem pru­dent un­til we know more.


Q DOES my 2007, 3.2-litre VW Pas­sat 4motion have a cam belt or a chain?

Happy VW owner, email It has a chain and doesn’t re­quire ser­vic­ing.


Q I BOUGHT an ex-am­bu­lance ser­vice 2005 Subaru Forester in 2007 and about 18 months ago the auto

Headache: is­sues with a Citroen C3 wind­screen have frus­trated the owner.

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