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NICE story on the new Cruze hatch (right) and I agree it has good looks, though I have to say at first glance I thought it was an up­dated Subaru Im­preza hatch.

Side-on and with those win­dow lines, there’s not a lot of dif­fer­ence. At least the Cruze won’t have those ugly bling rear tail-lights.

Ju­lian Te­bay, email Per­haps it’s a pointer to what Subaru should be do­ing.


I READ with in­ter­est the ar­ti­cle by Fraser Stronach in re­gards to the Best of the Best Awards. Pleas­ing to see that my favourite, the Land Rover Disco 4, takes it again, even though my wife calls it the ugly one.

But it was more in­ter­est­ing to note that Mit­subishi Pa­jero took the crown from Toy­ota Prado.

Does Toy­ota take heed of such awards, or have they still got their heads in the sand and do what they want to do?

When the 150 Prado first came out, some write-ups in­di­cated the diesel was lack­ing power, par­tic­u­larly when tow­ing. Are there any plans to up­grade to a V6 or even the 4.5 V8 diesel, as in the 70 Se­ries Cruiser, in the near fu­ture?

I thought I read some­where that it is avail­able over­seas.

My six-year-old 120 Petrol Prado is get­ting a lit­tle tired and worn from all the bush work, and I’m look­ing around for a re­place­ment but don’t want to go back­wards. Ed­ward Alek­sandrow­icz,

Hop­pers Cross­ing Toy­ota has been the four-wheeldrive leader in Aus­tralia for so long it runs its own race. We know of no plans for an en­gine up­grade.


YOUR an­swer to Ruth Stan­ley about tak­ing her Honda Jazz to Uluru might have been a bit mis­lead­ing.

Ruth men­tioned ‘‘Kings Canyon and Alice Springs’’ and stay­ing on the black­top, which would be es­sen­tial for the Jazz.

It’s a very long trip from Kings Canyon back to Alice Springs then dou­bling back to Mel­bourne down the Stu­art High­way. One could go on from Kings Canyon via the Meree­nie Loop Road to Hermannsburg then the Alice, about half the dis­tance, but def­i­nitely not a route for a Honda Jazz.

An­other way would be to go back south and take Ernest Giles Rd across to the Stu­art High­way, how­ever this is a very rough road and not Jazz coun­try, though it does save about 180km.

I sug­gest Ruth needs to re­ally plan her route to take into ac­count hav­ing to stick to the black top all the way and try to avoid in­creas­ing kilo­me­tres trav­elled by dou­bling back. It’s a fan­tas­tic trip.

James Wil­son, Mel­bourne She will need to plan, like ev­ery out­back ad­ven­turer, but her trip is pos­si­ble and the Jazz will be fine if she stays on bi­tu­men roads.

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