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QAS SOME­ONE with many years of ex­pe­ri­ence in the mo­tor in­dus­try, I would like to com­ment on the re­cent ‘‘ PT Cruiser ser­vice rip-off’’ re­port in your col­umn. For starters, no man­u­fac­turer rec­om­mends clean­ing the fuel sys­tem, it’s some­thing un­scrupu­lous ser­vice per­son­nel use as a profit booster. Peo­ple who know about cars don’t have them ser­viced at deal­ers for this very rea­son. A skilled ser­vice ad­viser can add $250 to his/her pay ev­ery week by sell­ing these ser­vices and prod­ucts. The paint pro­tec­tion/fab­ric pro­tec­tion/ tint stuff that the pretty girls in the show­room sell peo­ple is an­other ex­am­ple of putting profit back into a lean dol­lar sale. Your read­ers should be warned about these sales traps.

John, email As you say, some deal­ers will use these tricks to squeeze a few more dol­lars out of an un­sus­pect­ing cus­tomer. Any­one be­ing of­fered these ser­vices and prod­ucts should ques­tion the need for them. If the dealer claims that the car­maker rec­om­mends them, ask to be shown the rec­om­men­da­tion in writ­ing.



you rec­om­mend I con­vert my 2007 2.4-litre Kia Ma­gen­tis, which is still un­der war­ranty, to dual-fuel? If so what LPG sys­tem would be the best?

Krystyna Dun­can, email The guys at the Aus­tralian LPG Ware­house have done the nec­es­sary emis­sions test­ing on the car to en­able them to do the con­ver­sion and they have done at least one car us­ing their EMR vapour-in­jec­tion sys­tem.



said that us­ing E10 fuel on cars built af­ter 2007 was fine, but I was told by the ser­vice man­ager at Ta­ree Subaru it was not a good idea be­cause it dam­aged O rings, hoses and even the plas­tic fuel tank, and that the fuel re­quired was the higher-oc­tane pre­mium un­leaded. I then rang Subaru Aus­tralia and they said I could run my 2009 Forester on E10 with no prob­lems. But, be­ing a pen­sioner, I don’t want to get stuck with a huge re­pair bill, and the higher oc­tane is much more ex­pen­sive. What do you rec­om­mend?

W. Wil­son, Forster, NSW Subaru’s ad­vice is cor­rect and they con­firmed it for us. The prob­lems men­tioned by the ser­vice man­ager are ones that might be ex­pe­ri­enced by own­ers of old cars, par­tic­u­larly those run­ning car­bu­ret­tors. We also ap­proached the Bio­fu­els As­so­ci­a­tion and they too con­firmed that you could use E10 with­out a prob­lem.



FEW weeks ago my 2007 Ford Fi­esta XR4 started to lose revs on ini­tial start-up and then stall. It now does this ev­ery time the en­gine is cold, but then it’s fine once it’s restarted. I have twice taken it to my dealer and, though the ser­vice has been ex­cel­lent, they do not know what’s caus­ing it. They have said they will give me a call when they hear back from Ford Aus­tralia, but my war­ranty runs out in less than a month and I’m concerned they will not get back to me be­fore then and I could be left to cop the bill.

Brett Reidy, email You have re­ported it while the war­ranty is in force so I would be­lieve they are ob­li­gated to hon­our the war­ranty whether or not they re­port back be­fore the war­ranty ends. Keep all records of the re­ports you have made, and any con­ver­sa­tions you have had with the dealer/Ford, and any un­der­tak­ings you have been given by ei­ther party. If they don’t come good and fix your car you would then have the am­mu­ni­tion to

De­ci­sion: a Kia Ma­gen­tis owner is con­sid­er­ing the mer­its of LPG con­ver­sion.

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