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A GREAT way to save fuel and cut emis­sions is in clear sight. Car com­pa­nies spend bil­lions, and var­i­ous gov­ern­ments make all sorts of green com­mit­ments, but there is a sim­ple so­lu­tion . . . it’s a left turn.

There are too many times when you are forced to sit at a red light and wait to make a left turn, burn­ing fuel and pump­ing out toxic emis­sions as well as adding to your to­tal trip time.

It’s not only you, ei­ther, but also the peo­ple who are of­ten queued be­hind wait­ing to make a sim­i­lar turn or con­tinue straight ahead.

Yet there is of­ten no rea­son not to make the turn— in safety— and con­tinue on your way.

In the US where they drive on the other side of the road, right-hand turns are per­mit­ted at many red traf­fic lights and it helps speed traf­fic flow. It’s the same in a lot of other coun­tries.

Now, with econ­omy and emis­sions at the top of many mo­tor­ing hit lists, is it time to con­sider a change to Aus­tralia’s road rules?

Al­ready the bu­reau­crats can be heard fuss­ing about the pa­per­work, the po­lice won­der­ing about en­force­ment, and the road safety au­thor­i­ties hiss­ing about the po­ten­tial for ex­tra col­li­sions.

Yet safe left-hand turns hap­pen ev­ery day at stop signs. They are a part of life.

The same driv­ers who can do the job at a stop sign should be able to make safe turns af­ter also stop­ping at a red traf­fic light.

Now, with the po­ten­tial to cut emis­sions and boost fuel econ­omy, we are ask­ing what you think. Should we agi­tate to get things mov­ing? Is it worth the ef­fort? Can you see the po­ten­tial ben­e­fits?

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