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GIVEN ethanol is a caus­tic fluid that cor­rodes un­pro­tected steel and eats un­pro­tected alu­minium, it is not rocket sci­ence to work out a sig­nif­i­cant num­ber of own­ers of three to five-year-old cars will soon be ex­pe­ri­enc­ing fu­el­sys­tem prob­lems as the ethanol, even at 10 per cent, dis­lodges years of crud build-up. Then there is the ele­phant in the room. Leaded petrol was banned when cat­alytic con­vert­ers were deemed to be the most cost-ef­fec­tive way of re­duc­ing hy­dro­car­bon emis­sions. Now gov­ern­ments are man­dat­ing ethanol, which does just as good a job as te­tra-ethyl lead, if not bet­ter, in de­grad­ing cat­alytic con­vert­ers. Yes, ethanol is a re­new­able fuel and E85 in E85-com­pat­i­ble ve­hi­cles with adap­tive fuel man­age­ment sys­tems will bring en­vi­ron­men­tal ben­e­fits. How­ever, claims of E10 be­ing a cleaner and greener fuel are highly de­bat­able.

Les Lyons Ni­cholls, ACT


I AM writ­ing in re­ply to those hav­ing prob­lems with E10. First, ethanol does not harm rub­ber be­cause a l l au­to­mo­tive rub­bers have been ethanol-com­pli­ant since the 1980s. My daily drive is an old VH Com­modore and I have been us­ing E10 to fuel it for five to six years and have clocked up 100,000km. In­ter­est­ingly, it is rec­om­mended that E10 not be used on this model .The car runs fine, econ­omy is about 10-11 litres/100km around town, it doesn’t smoke or run bad and all the rub­bers are fine. All too of­ten E10 is wrongly blamed when en­gine prob­lems arise. Lots of in­for­ma­tion doc­u­ments that it has no ad­verse ef­fects.

Daniel Rigda, email


I HAVE ex­pe­ri­enced sim­i­lar prob­lems to Bill Hill’s while driv­ing at the speed limit, or lower than the speed limit if nec­es­sary, in heavy rain for ex­am­ple. Some­times I have to drive in the right­hand lane if I am go­ing to turn right ahead, but oth­er­wise I am happy to stick to the left lane. How­ever, I also of­ten ex­pe­ri­ence tail-gat­ing and head­light flash­ing, which is quite alarm­ing. If ev­ery­one just chilled out a lit­tle and showed more pa­tience, our roads would be much safer.

Genevieve Bond, email

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