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YOUR logic on turn­ing left at traf­fic lights makes per­fect sense. In the US ev­ery­one turns right on red lights, with­out any prob­lems. This needs a com­mu­nity push and sen­si­ble bu­reau­crats to make it hap­pen.

Neville H, email Thanks for the sup­port. We’re hop­ing you’re not the only one.


I WHOLE­HEART­EDLY agree with you on safe left turns at red lights. Def­i­nitely try to have the law changed.

Rob Burgess, email So Neville is not alone.


TWO old mo­tor me­chan­ics would like to know which model BMW cars have dou­ble clutches in them. Are we talk­ing about man­ual gear­boxes or is this some­thing spe­cial to BMW? We un­der­stand a dou­ble clutch as in a heavy-duty truck, but. . .

Ron Grif­fett, North­cote Twin-clutch, or twin-shaft, man­ual gear­boxes are be­com­ing quite com­mon as a morph from a tra­di­tional man­ual and an au­to­matic. The two shafts and two clutches mean one gear is per­ma­nently en­gaged, with the gears ei­ther side ‘‘on standby’’ for a change. So one clutch opens and the other closes to shift gears.


AS ONE of those ghastly mo­torists who ac­tu­ally want to travel at the speed limit, I will re­spond to Bill Hill ( cars­Guide, Septem­ber 17). I want to travel at the posted speed limit be­cause I can, be­cause my ve­hi­cle is ca­pa­ble and be­cause I am ca­pa­ble. How does one get ‘‘caught in the right lane’’? Did aliens abduct your car and plonk it there? If you or you ve­hi­cle is un­able to main­tain a fair speed that the rest of us want to do, then stay out. Why does Bill Hill feel it nec­es­sary to crawl in the right­hand lane be­cause there are a few rain­drops? Why does Bill think he is the moral po­lice and en­forces his will on to ev­ery­one else by hold­ing them up?

Robert Hall, email Harsh but per­haps fair.


I’VE read with in­ter­est com­ments about E10 fuel and find some be­wil­der­ing. I own a 2006 Toy­ota 2.4 Camry and I’ve used E10 fuel since the day I bought it. I have not no­ticed any dis­cernible in­crease in my fuel con­sump­tion.

Neil McKin­non, email The cars­Guide sto­ries on in­creased fuel con­sump­tion ap­ply to E85 fuel, not E10. There is no rea­son for such a con­sump­tion change with E10, but E85 burns much faster and the con­sump­tion is typ­i­cally 25-30 per cent worse than un­leaded.

Get in gear: the BMW M3 has a twin-clutch man­ual gear­box.

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