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AF­TER vis­it­ing the US, where I en­coun­tered turn­ing right on red, I wrote to VicRoads and sug­gested this should be con­sid­ered.

The re­ply was it was un­safe and would not be con­sid­ered.

I also sug­gested paint­ing of speed lim­its on the road as in most Euro­pean coun­tries.

The an­swer was painted signs could re­duce ad­he­sion when brak­ing, yet it works in many coun­tries with worse weather than Aus­tralia.

Doug Coul­son, Ring­wood We have to in­crease the pres­sure, per­haps with a mo­torist party in the po­lit­i­cal arena.


I CAN’T un­der­stand the RTA and state govern­ment’s rea­sons for not adopt­ing your idea of turn­ing left at red lights. I have driven many kilo­me­tres over the years in the US and Canada and the turn right af­ter stop­ping works so well and re­duces traf­fic jams. Many times I’ll stop at lights, noth­ing is around and yet I have to wait for a green light. As long as driv­ers look out for pedes­tri­ans, this con­cept should be rolled out to­day.

Steve Ed­wards, email


IF I could add some­thing to your cam­paign that might save time and fuel, what about traf­fic-sig­nal phas­ing? Next time you’re driv­ing and stopped on a quiet side street take note of how long you spend at the red lights, while the cross­road is empty and the lights are green. Then, just up the road, the next in­ter­sec­tion goes green and by the time that group of cars makes it to your in­ter­sec­tion the green sig­nals have turned red for them. You get the green now, but those cars that only just started to wind up have to stop again. Wouldn’t it be ex­cel­lent if the lights you were sit­ting at were green when no traf­fic was com­ing along the cross-street, and the cross-street had the red, but by the time the group of cars on the cross-street ar­rived at the red sig­nal it had al­ready turned green again al­low­ing a con­tin­u­ous flow? My un­der­stand­ing from the NSW RTA is that this is called tidal-flow traf­fic man­age­ment. Well, I think it doesn’t work and it needs a re­view, for peak and non-peak times. While I’m at it, what about bus-pri­or­ity lights? How ridicu­lous is it for buses to get a pri­or­ity sig­nal so they get in front of the tidal-wave of cars that just fought to get pass them two sets of lights ear­lier?

Duane Demp­ster, email

Not con­sid­ered: VicRoads says turn­ing at a red light is un­safe.

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