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Herald Sun - Motoring - - Readers Say - Jan Hulse, email Sev­eral Out­back own­ers tell us they’ve re­placed low-beam head­lamp globes.



HAD brake shud­der on my EL Fal­con at 218,970km and had new discs fit­ted . At 235,665km the shud­der re­turned and I had the discs ma­chined and front bear­ings and pads re­placed, but the shud­der has now re­turned at 248,160km. If I lightly touch the brakes at speed there is a vi­o­lent shud­der through the steer­ing wheel that dis­ap­pears when heav­ier pres­sure is ap­plied to the brakes. Can you throw any light on the prob­lem?

Ron Stevens, email You’ve done the log­i­cal things in re­plac­ing and/or ma­chin­ing the discs and re­plac­ing the wheel bear­ings. Make sure there are no prob­lems in those ar­eas now. You could also check the brake mas­ter cylin­der to en­sure it is fully re­tract­ing when you take your foot off the pedal. An­other Fal­con owner has told us they found the mas­ter cylin­der was hold­ing the brakes on slightly and it was caus­ing the discs to warp.



young friends drive a Ford Fes­tiva and a Ford Fi­esta and both have had prob­lems with front-wheel bear­ings. Nei­ther car is driven hard, but one has had a front-wheel bear­ing re­placed at about 60,000km and the other is on its third front-wheel bear­ing. I find this most un­usual. Have you heard of this and what could be done to rec­tify this prob­lem?

John Ea­ton, email We haven’t re­ceived any re­ports of prob­lems with wheel bear­ings on these cars. The Fes­tiva was on the mar­ket for a long time and there was noth­ing to sug­gest there was a wide­spread prob­lem, and though the Fi­esta hasn’t been here for a long time it doesn’t ap­pear to have a his­tory of prob­lems in that area ei­ther.



HAVE owned a 2001 Toy­ota Cres­sida Grande for sev­eral years and, apart from of what I de­scribe as a ‘‘boom­ing’’ noise un­der ac­cel­er­a­tion, we have been de­lighted with it. The car is in per­fect con­di­tion de­spite its 200,000km, but we haven’t been able to fix the prob­lem, de­spite at­tempts by sev­eral me­chan­ics. Twelve months ago I acquired a 2001 Cres­sida GLX in con­cours d’el­e­gance con­di­tion, which is iden­ti­cal to the Grande me­chan­i­cally but doesn’t have the noise ir­ri­ta­tion. Can you or any read­ers sug­gest a so­lu­tion?

Jim McChul­loch, email Boom­ing noises are of­ten caused by the ex­haust, so check to make sure all the mounts are in place and in good con­di­tion. Com­pare the ex­hausts on both of your cars to iden­tify any dif­fer­ences that may con­trib­ute to the noise.



the head­light prob­lem on the Subaru Out­back: I have a 2001 model and have lost count of the times I have re­placed the low­beam bulbs. I have tried dif­fer­ent brands and types to no avail. It seems the fault is en­demic. I hope the prob­lem does not oc­cur in my 2010 Out­back.



bull­bar on my new Toy­ota Prado is de­te­ri­o­rat­ing quite fast. I have raised it with the dealer who says they all go like that and to pol­ish it, but I have seen other

Disc wor­ries: an EL Fal­con owner is hav­ing prob­lems with shud­der­ing brakes.

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