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ON SPACE-saver wheels, if the op­er­a­tion of the ve­hi­cle is not com­pro­mised why are they limited to 80km/h? Why can’t I get a road­wor­thy with one fit­ted to my car? Why is it il­le­gal to fit two space savers? It is ac­cepted that space savers ad­versely af­fect steer­ing, brak­ing and trac­tion. In my opin­ion they are dan­ger­ous and should be banned. The rea­son they are supplied is to save the man­u­fac­turer money.

Mick Woods, email Space savers are re­stricted be­cause they are only a tem­po­rary spare, not an ex­tra reg­u­lar tyre. You are right that they are supplied to cut costs, and also weight, in new cars.


I WAS driv­ing to­wards Ade­laide on the South East­ern Free­way, near the Hah­n­dorf exit when I no­ticed a sporty car com­ing up be­hind me. I could not iden­tify it — not a Porsche or Fer­rari — per­haps a Lamborghini? The traf­fic was fairly busy and at my age (86) I have to con­cen­trate on my driv­ing so I did not study this car too much. Af­ter the car had passed me I saw ‘‘Jaguar’’ on a boomerang-shaped badge on the back. It had Queens­land plates— red­dish/brown — num­bers then letters. It was very ‘‘hip­pie’’ — sim­i­lar to the photo of the Jaguar from the Paris Mo­tor Show in cars­Guide. It was also sim­i­lar to the Lambo you showed in the same paper. Do you have any com­ment?

Geoff Davis, email That’s not a lot to go on, but quite pos­si­bly a Jaguar XJ220. There are a cou­ple in Aus­tralia and it fits the pro­file. The car was a mid-en­gined su­per­car b u i l t from 1992-1994 by Tom Walkin­shaw for Jaguar, with a top speed of 317km/h.


MY PART­NER wants to buy a new car suit­able for tow­ing a car­a­van — he now drives a Ford sta­tion wagon which they no longer make. The sug­ges­tions are Mit­subishi Pa­jero, Toy­ota Prado, a Jeep, or any­thing else that you may sug­gest.

Kather­ine Lo­gan, email My first choice is al­ways the Prado. It’s tough, good for tow­ing, and has pretty much bul­let­proof re­li­a­bil­ity.

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