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De­cem­ber I bought a 2007 Holden As­tra CDTi au­to­matic from a Holden dealer with 97,000km on the clock. It had the bal­ance of new car war­ranty and ad­di­tional three­year 175,000km war­ranty. Af­ter a week and less than 1000km a prob­lem oc­curred where a gear change was missed un­der ac­cel­er­a­tion, the en­gine revved wildly and on re­lease of the ac­cel­er­a­tor, the car loudly clunked back into gear with vi­o­lent force. The dealer checked it and di­ag­nosed that a soft­ware up­grade was re­quired and done, but the iden­ti­cal prob­lem has oc­curred an­other 10 times over 20,000km. The dealer has had the car back an­other three times, but di­ag­nos­tics show no faults. I have writ­ten ask­ing them to re­place or com­pletely over­haul the trans­mis­sion un­der war­ranty at the next ser­vice. No re­ply yet. Has any­one else had sim­i­lar prob­lems?

Rob Bethune, Cam­ber­well You’re right to de­mand the gear­box be re­placed or over­hauled. At the very least it needs ser­vic­ing; at the worst, it needs re­plac­ing as you have re­quested.



the ra­dios in our cars to­day work af­ter the new dig­i­tal ra­dio sig­nal starts? I want to up­grade the sound sys­tem in my 2002 Mazda MX5, but if the cur­rent store prod­ucts will not work, then I will hold off un­til the ‘‘dig­i­tal-com­pli­ant’’ sys­tems are avail­able.

Perry Tountsios, email Cur­rent ana­log ra­dios won’t work with­out some sort of in­ter­face. Pi­o­neer make one called the Pure High­way that is mounted on the wind­screen and re­ceives the dig­i­tal sig­nal and puts out an ana­log sig­nal.



BOUGHT my 2004 Honda Odyssey from a Honda dealer a year ago and the trim was like new, but a year later, with 90,000km on the odo, the fab­ric trim on the front seats is badly frayed and spilt at the seams. I weigh 48kg and am not rough on my cars; my hus­band weighs 80kg, but is hardly ever in the car. I have been to two trim­mers to have it re­paired and both told me the fab­ric was poor and nei­ther has seen any­thing like it be­fore. Both told me take it up with Honda, which I did, but my claim was re­jected due to the car’s age. The dealer told me to buy seat cov­ers. Do you think this is gen­eral wear and tear, and do you think Honda should help with the cost of re­pairs?

Lor­raine Aitkin, Mount Martha From the pho­tos you supplied it would seem the wear is ex­treme for a car that’s six years old, but be­cause it is that old and well out of war­ranty you would have lit­tle chance of get­ting Honda to help with the cost of re­pairs.


QI WANT to con­vert my 2006 VZ Com­modore Ex­ec­u­tive to gas, but my re­search has thrown up many dif­fer­ent sys­tems and prices. Can you ad­vise which sys­tem is the best price and value?

Dave van Dolderen, email The best sys­tem for your car is a vapour-in­jec­tion one and Impco was the sys­tem used by Holden for the fac­tory-fit­ted cars. But there are lots of other sys­tems that would also per­form well. All sys­tems are made in Italy, no mat­ter the brand. Choose a well-known brand and an ex­pe­ri­enced in­staller, and ask the in­staller for ref­er­ences from other own­ers who have had sim­i­lar sys­tems fit­ted. The vapour-in­jec­tion sys­tems are more

Wild revving: a Holden As­tra owner is hav­ing trans­mis­sion prob­lems.

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