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Q MY 2004 Se­ries 1 BA Fal­con V8 ute has al­ways had an er­ratic idle prob­lem that the dealer has not been able to di­ag­nose or fix.

Fit­ting a Se­ries II throt­tle sen­sor made no dif­fer­ence.

When sit­ting at traf­fic lights with one foot on the clutch and the other on the brake, the idle will fluc­tu­ate wildly.

As an ex­per­i­ment I have let the car roll for­ward when this oc­curs and while the car is rolling and out of gear the idle will re­main steady.

But as soon as it stops rolling the idle fluc­tu­ates again. It’s enough to make a loyal Ford owner see red.

Chris Win­dus, Bendigo From your de­scrip­tion it ap­pears it hap­pens only when the brakes are ap­plied so I would be look­ing for a vac­uum leak as­so­ci­ated with the brakes, such as a split or cracked hose or fit­ting on the brake booster or man­i­fold.


Q WE RE­CENTLY bought a 1992 2 . 4 - litre Toy­ota Hi­ace camper­van that’s done 150,000km. Ev­ery­thing seems pretty good ex­cept that the clutch shud­ders in first gear when the en­gine warms up.

We have been told the clutch oils up when the mo­tor gets warm and causes the shud­der, and have been given op­tions: burn it off by ac­cel­er­at­ing and slip­ping the clutch, fit a new clutch, or don’t worry about it as it won’t hurt the mo­tor. What do we do?

Alan and Barb Lihou, email The best course of ac­tion is to fit a new clutch. It might not have had a new clutch fit­ted in its life so far and if so it’s prob­a­bly on its way out and will need re­plac­ing soon any­way.


Q I BOUGHT a man­ual Ford Courier think­ing that I could push-start it if I got a flat bat­tery, but I have been told that you should not push-start a car with a cat­alytic con­verter, even if it is a man­ual. Is that cor­rect?

Tony Smith, e-mail We’ve had cars with cat­alytic con­vert­ers for 20 years or more and there’s never been an is­sue with bump-start­ing them.


Q LIKE reader Daniel Tay­lor, who com­plained his Hyundai Santa Fe was wear­ing out tyres, we have a Santa Fe that had the same prob­lem.

Af­ter fi­nally con­vinc­ing the dealer that I was not a ‘‘stupid woman’’, and just short of ship­ping my ve­hi­cle to Hyundai, the dealer de­cided to fit an af­ter­mar­ket ad­juster kit.

This has fixed my prob­lem and af­ter 18 months my tyres are not scrub­bing.

Velma Naylor, email Good to know the af­ter­mar­ket kit fixed your prob­lem.


Q RE­GARD­ING the Hyundai Santa Fe owner whose car was wear­ing tyres, we had a cus­tomer in re­cently with the same con­cern on an R-se­ries Santa Fe. Re­peated checks with our wheel aligner, and also a spe­cial­ist tyre place, failed to

Go­ing wild: a 2004 Fal­con ute has an er­ratic idle prob­lem.

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