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Q OUR 2007 Honda Jazz has shud­dered from a stand­ing start, from new. The first time we com­plained the dealer re­placed the trans­mis­sion mount. The sec­ond time the trans­mis­sion fluid was drained and the trans­mis­sion flushed. It’s now done 60,000km and we won­der what we are sup­posed to do af­ter the war­ranty runs out? In­stead of Honda help­ing with the cost of the re­pairs, it should fix the prob­lem once and for all.

Char­lie Men­niti, email It would ap­pear Honda be­lieves your trans­mis­sion is op­er­at­ing ac­cept­ably, but you don’t. Main­tain the pres­sure un­til Honda fixes your car, and keep metic­u­lous records of all deal­ings. This will back up any claim later on.


Q THE tyres on my el­derly friend’s 1994 Toy­ota Corolla 4x4 man­ual sedan are wear­ing out quickly. The last set, Plat­inum Achille, lasted 32,000km and the set be­fore that, Maxis, lasted 28,000km. Most of her driv­ing is on sealed roads and con­sid­er­ing she is a care­ful driver, I would have thought she should get bet­ter mileage out of the tyres. What should she be look­ing at when buy­ing her next set of tyres?

Alex Helderman, email The tyres she has bought in the past are very cheap ones and I would sug­gest she should look at a bet­terqual­ity tyre, such as a Miche­lin. She could also have the align­ment checked to make sure all is in or­der in that area.


Q A ME­CHANIC friend has told me I should have the cam belt on my 1988 Honda Leg­end changed. It’s done 168,000km and he tells me it should be changed at 150,000km. Is he cor­rect?

Mark Halpin, email The rec­om­mended belt ser­vice in­ter­val is 80,000-100,000km and it cer- tainly needs to be done. Me­chan­ics of­ten rec­om­mend chang­ing the wa­ter pump at the same time be­cause the ten­sion of the new belt on the old wa­ter pump can cause the wa­ter pump bear­ings to fail. The cost to do the ser­vice is about $500, but can be up to $800 if the wa­ter pump is changed.


Q ON COLD starts our 2006 Ford Fu­tura shud­ders slightly while re­vers­ing and is un­re­spon­sive. My daugh­ter lives on a busy street and has to ac­cel­er­ate in a hurry at times, so the flat spot is of some con­cern. Two me­chan­ics have looked at the car, but once

the car warms up the prob­lem goes away. Char­lene, email It’s likely to be a faulty en­gine sen­sor that’s not telling the com­puter that it’s a cold start and the en­gine needs ex­tra fuel to start and run. Take it to a me­chanic who has di­ag­nos­tic equip­ment and can test the com­puter and its sen­sors. If need be, leave the car with them overnight so they can do a cold start.


Q THE top of the dash on my son’s 2007 Fal­con XR6 is fad­ing. My son brought the prob­lem to the at­ten­tion of the dealer just be­fore the war­ranty ran out and they

Keep up the pres­sure: a reader wants Honda to stop his Jazz shud­der­ing.

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