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A two-door Fal­con stands out from the crowd, writes Mark Hinch­liffe

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IF FORD and Holden won’t make large coupes, then one Mel­bourne com­pany is happy to fill the de­mand void.

Dreamtech In­ter­na­tional, in Dan­de­nong, has been mod­i­fy­ing and mainly stretch­ing cars and SUVs since 1991.

But in 2003, Dreamtech part­ners Graeme Scott and Greg James Ware dab­bled in chop­ping a BA Fal­con down to a two-door coupe and showed it at the Mel­bourne Mo­tor Show.

Now they have chopped an­other BA into a coupe and hope this is the start of a new line of busi­ness.

‘‘When we did the first one it was a bit quiet at the time, so we thought let’s do some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent,’’ Scott says.

‘‘With no Fal­con or Monaro coupes around we hope there’s some de­mand for this type of car. We’re pas­sion­ate about what we do. We like the Ford prod­uct and like to do these sorts of projects. It’s ex­cit­ing and keeps our guys in­ter­ested.’’

Their re­cently fin­ished yel­low BA coupe is cus­tomised with a su­per­charger, Brembo brakes, leather in­te­rior and a big sound sys­tem. It is for sale at about $70,000.

The 2003 project is a stan­dard XR8 cost­ing $45,000.

‘‘These are one-offs, but the price will come down if we get pro­duc­tion go­ing on them,’’ Scott says.

‘‘We’re pretty much fin­ished with the BAs un­less some­one wants one, but we’d love to do an FG. It’s a great car me­chan­i­cally and fin­ish-wise it’s fan­tas­tic.

‘‘From an en­gi­neer­ing point of view the biggest hur­dle is side im­pact test­ing, but we can pro­vide the cal­cu­la­tions,’’ he says. ‘‘Be­sides, we didn’t take any length out of it which makes it at­trac­tive to peo­ple who want the same legroom and wheel­base.

‘‘Ba­si­cally we just moved the B pil­lar back 10 inches (25.4cm) to get the right pro­por­tions and right-size door.

‘‘It’s quite ap­peal­ing to peo­ple who want some­thing dif­fer­ent and col­lectable.’’

The com­pany builds all its cus­tom ve­hi­cles to or­der, mainly stretched lim­ou­sines such as the Hum­mer H2 and Chrysler 300c.

Scott says they build 14-20 lim­ou­sines a year. They also do right-hand­drive con­ver­sions. One con­ver­sion in­volved stretch­ing of two Hum­mer H2s into 24-seaters with triple rear axles cost­ing $450,000 each.

‘‘At the peak of the Hum­mer frenzy we did one a month,’’ Scott says.

When they started mak­ing stretched limos, the trend was for sixseaters.

‘‘In the past few years we’ve seen de­mand change to 10 seaters,’’ he says. ‘‘Largely peo­ple use them for deb balls and the like. It’s a night­club on wheels with laser lights, smoke ma­chines, disco floors and ceil­ings, wet bars and big sound sys­tems.

‘‘Some of the biggest H2s have had 42-inch plasma screens in them. It’s just get­ting ridicu­lous.’’

Sleek: a Ford Fal­con XR8 cut down to a two-door coupe — the B pil­lar has been moved back 25cm to get the right pro­por­tions and right-size door.

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