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A LET­TER from Neil was about the en­gine in his 2009 Honda Civic VTI hav­ing an oc­ca­sional miss. I note he was get­ting the runaround from deal­ers. Hav­ing owned Hon­das for 38 years, I now have the cur­rent model Ac­cord Euro and a HRV work ve­hi­cle. Honda Aus­tralia does not treat these mat­ters lightly and I would ad­vise him to go di­rect to Honda in Mel­bourne. In 2008 there was a com­bus­tion prob­lem with the Ac­cord Euro and Honda brought an en­gi­neer­ing team from Ja­pan for two weeks to fix the prob­lem.

Al­lan Parry, email


TOY­OTA’S web­site shows spec­i­fi­ca­tions for the Corolla As­cent Sport SE (Spe­cial Edi­tion) hatch. It is $1260 dearer than the base Corolla As­cent Hatch, pick­ing up al­loy wheels, cruise con­trol and leather steer­ing wheel and gearshift knob. How­ever, the spec­i­fi­ca­tion does not in­clude rear power win­dows and cur­tain and knee airbags, which are now stan­dard on the base Corolla As­cent Hatch. Toy­ota has ver­i­fied via email that the SE ver­sion does not have rear power win­dows and that the cur­tain and knee airbags are part of an op­tion pack. Con- sumers should be aware that, even though they are look­ing at a dearer spe­cial edi­tion of a base model, some of the stan­dard equip­ment of that base model is ei­ther not avail­able or is an ex­tra cost op­tion.

Rod Shep­herd, email


I READ with in­ter­est the story of the Mit­subishi ASX owner un­able to get re­place­ment tyres for his new car. This has just hap­pened to me with my new Re­nault La­guna. I was told the Miche­lin I needed was su­per­seded. The new tyre was avail­able, but the old one fit­ted to all new La­gu­nas in Aus­tralia had to be im­ported and could take months. When I called the Re­nault dealer and Re­nault cus­tomer ser­vice I got the same re­sponse as you did — that the tyres were avail­able and there shouldn’t be an is­sue with get­ting a re­place­ment. The re­al­ity is they are not avail­able and I had to buy two new tyres. When all the spin, fluff and froth from Re­nault cus­tomer ser­vice is over, you are late for work, you are still at the counter of Bob Jane T-mart and still can’t get a tyre out of Miche­lin. The deal­ers did their best to as­sist, but Re­nault cus­tomer ser­vice was to­tally use­less and sim­ply fobbed me off and wished I would go away.

David Toohey, email Tyre mak­ers typ­i­cally re­place their tyres ev­ery three years or so and you can run into prob­lems like you have with your La­guna. You could buy one tyre of the new type to re­place the punc­tured tyre, and legally run it on the rear. You could also fit the new tyre to the spare and fit the orig­i­nal spare to the car.

Fobbed off: a Re­nault La­guna owner has had tyre prob­lems.

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