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WITH our dol­lar as strong as it is, the US is a great place for a mo­tor­ing hol­i­day. I have just re­turned from a trip to the US. Three of us went to the Nascar race in Texas be­fore head­ing off on a three-week road trip from Texas to New York. Petrol is cheap and the road sys­tem is bril­liant, and good ho­tels along the high­ways are both fre­quent and much cheaper than in Aus­tralia. We hired a Chevy Im­pala with a 3.5-litre V6 and an­cient four-speed auto. We did 5400km for a to­tal fuel cost of A$295 with an over­all econ­omy of 8.5litres/100km. Not bad for three-up, full lug­gage and 70-80 mph ( 120-140km/ h). We hired the car through a UK out­fit called Travel Jig­saw — $A1000 for three weeks, in­clud­ing in­surance, which I thought was very good. We had a great time and thor­oughly rec­om­mend a US road trip.

John Pohlman, email


A FRIEND bought a new Toy­ota Camry and, not be­ing happy with fuel con­sump­tion, she rang Toy­ota. They ad­vised her not to use petrol from ei­ther Coles Ex­press or Safe­way. Is this good ad­vice?

Lor­raine Mills, email There is no rea­son for su­per­mar­ket fuel to be sub-stan­dard be­cause it comes from the same sup­pli­ers as ma­jor fuel brands. It’s more likely the car is tak­ing time to run-in or your friend is ad­just­ing to the tech­nique for the best econ­omy.


I AM writ­ing be­cause I am per­plexed about your neg­a­tive re­view about the Peu­geot RCZ, with seem­ingly noth­ing good to say about it ex­cept its great looks. I have read about eight road tests on the in­ter­net, writ­ten by re­view­ers in the UK, Europe and Aus­tralia. None al­luded to the prob­lems you found with ride qual­ity, heavy steer­ing and clutch pedal po­si­tion. In fact, many pos­i­tives, apart from great looks, were found, such as a roomy cabin and a comfy driv­ing po­si­tion, a peppy mo­tor in the 147kW petrol model, smooth gear-chang­ing, a ter­rific ex­haust note and a large boot. Back-seat space is very poor and would prob­a­bly ac­com­mo­date only a cou­ple of small mon­keys. But if you needed back-seat space you wouldn’t buy a car like this. I have driven the RCZ on av­er­age sub­ur­ban roads in Bris­bane and en­joyed the ex­pe­ri­ence. We are all en­ti­tled to our opin­ion, but I was sur­prised you said ‘‘the en­gi­neer­ing lets it down in ev­ery­thing’’, even though it made the top 10 in the cars­Guide Car of the Year.

Alan Thomas, email The ver­dict on the RCZ, which made the Car of the Year fi­nals mostly on its great looks, came from all 10 re­view­ers. None was happy with the car, par­tic­u­larly com­pared with ri­vals in­clud­ing the ex­cel­lent Audi TT.

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2010 Camry.

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