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YOUR cars Guide ar­ti­cle makes a huge and il­log­i­cal leap from J. Mays’ com­ments to no Ford man­u­fac­tur­ing in Aus­tralia. There are many ex­cit­ing op­tions for Ford in Aus­tralia with a world plat­form with all-wheel-drive power train.

A unique skin could be de­signed and stamped in Gee­long, with lo­cal assem­bly at Broady from many lo­cally sourced parts as to­day.

Can we look at the ex­cit­ing pos­i­tives in­stead of scar­ing the Ford work­force and sup­ply base?

Ian Dal­ton, email It’s hard to take the pos­i­tives when Ford will not talk openly about its plans, leav­ing it to Amer­i­can ex­ec­u­tives to drop neg­a­tive hints ev­ery year at the Detroit mo­tor show.


IN­TER­EST­ING read­ing in cars Guide about Holden and Ford. As a 30-year vet­eran, I be­lieve Holden hasn’t much time left to make cars in Aus­tralia, partly be­cause of the ris­ing im­ports of bet­ter-styled, qual­ity and eco­nom­i­cal power train sys­tems com­ing on stream soon etc.

There will be no sheet­metal change un­til 2014, so cus­tomers will have to put up with old styling and dull in­te­ri­ors for some time, but with some so-called smart op­tions in elec­tronic giz­mos they will try to mar­ket, there’s noth­ing re­ally new.

The next Com­modore will be more Ja­panese-look­ing, sim­i­lar to Camry style, but on power train not much in so-called fuel gains.

What will re­ally leave Holden be­hind is in the power train area. The V8 will be OK be­cause there will al­ways be a petrol head who wants one, but the rest of Holden will be left be­hind due to be­ing told by GM what to use.

They have no di­rect in­jected gas model, only a nor­mal gas ver­sion com­ing out soon, no diesel, no hy­brid other than the Volt which will be a high price to pay. The E-85 doesn’t get that good econ­omy and range in both V6 and 8, so where are they headed?

GM has spent bil­lions set­ting China GM, Brazil, In­dia and Korea to be their pow­er­houses for car man­u­fac­tur­ing for Asia etc, so where does this leave Holden and Ford? Plus, with the few cars they build, is it vi­able to to make it here any more? Holden in­sider,

name with­held You raise many valid ques­tions and we’re chas­ing the an­swers. At least Holden will pro­vide back­ground on its plans, which are well in­te­grated into the global GM fu­ture.


I AM not sure where you get your in­for­ma­tion from, but I know there are still at least 80 Fo­cus RSs around Aus­tralia in Ford deal­er­ships that have not been sold. So your state­ment nearly all were presold is in­cor­rect.

Steve Will­shire This is one time we’re happy to be in­cor­rect, al­though Ford told us the cars were all be­ing gob­bled up at dealer level.

Still there: Ford deal­ers have plenty of Fo­cus RS mod­els in stock.

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