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Q WE up­dated the GPS maps in our Toy­ota Au­rion only to find they are three years be­hind the UBN maps that Whereis use. Place names were spelt in­cor­rectly, and when driv­ing to Bendigo it showed we were go­ing across pad­docks, even though the road had been opened for years. Closer to home, it has an in­ter­sec­tion as a round­about when it has had lights for at least six years. The disc cost $420 from Toy­ota. What a rip-off.

Dun­can Townsend, email It is a prob­lem most car mak­ers seem to be have, one they need to ad­dress. In­stead of let­ting cars go with out­dated maps they should check them dur­ing pre-de­liv­ery and update the maps to the lat­est avail­able. Seems sim­ple.


Q THREE weeks af­ter tak­ing de­liv­ery of my new 2005 Hyundai Getz the re­mote failed and wouldn’t open the doors, and us­ing the key set the alarm off and im­mo­bilised the car. Since then it has been back to the dealer on many oc­ca­sions with­out find­ing out the cause. This past week my neigh­bour, who has a Hyundai i30, has also had the prob­lem and so too has his friend with a Mazda. We all live in the same street in Dapto, near Wol­lon­gong. Could it be in­ter­fer­ence? Sue Swift, email It could be in­ter­fer­ence. I would con­sult a lo­cal lock­smith and have them check the lock. Most lock­smiths can check and pro­gram keys and could have the lo­cal knowl­edge to tell you if it is in­ter­fer­ence. You could also check lo­cal ra­dio hams.


Q WITH ref­er­ence to the prob­lem Alex Par­fait (cars­Guide 14/1/2011) is hav­ing with the cruise con­trol sud­denly turn­ing off in his 2008 Ford Fo­cus, my daugh­ter had the same prob­lem with her 2008 Fo­cus. In her case the dealer tracked it down to a faulty brake light switch that would mo­men­tar­ily flick the brake lights on and thus disen­gage the cruise con­trol. Lawrie Colver, email. Good info that could solve the prob­lem with Alex’s car, and the sort of thing that’s hard to trace.


Q TWO years ago my 2005 BA Mark 2 Fal­con XT de­vel­oped an in­ter­mit­tent front-end vi­bra­tion, gen­er­ally at 80km/h or over. Ford, Ped­ders and an­other spe­cial­ist have not been able to find the fault. One thing I have no­ticed, though, is that the front right-hand brake is ex­tremely hot when I pull over dur­ing a vi­bra­tion event. What could cause this?

Waynne Lee, e-mail The brake could be the clue. We have had re­ports of a vi­bra­tion sim­i­lar to yours that is caused by the brake mas­ter cylin­der not fully re­leas­ing the brakes. Have the mas­ter cylin­der checked; you might need to re­place it.


Q MY AU Mark 2 Ford Fu­tura has de­vel­oped a ping­ing noise un­der load on very warm to hot days with the air-con­di­tion­ing on. It also boiled on a 35C day last week al­though the tem­per­a­ture gauge did not in­di­cate so and nor did the tem­per­a­ture light come on. I am con­fi­dent that it is not a se­ri­ous prob­lem such as a cracked head/head gas­ket as I am not los­ing coolant and the car starts per­fectly ev­ery time. My gut feel­ing is that it may be some­thing as sim­ple as a sticky ther­mo­stat. Wayne Cur­tis, email

Wrong way: a reader is hav­ing trou­ble with the GPS on his Toy­ota Au­rion.

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