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I AM a reg­u­lar trav­eller/tourist around cen­tral Vic­to­ria and have no­ticed the over­head speed signs that ad­vised mo­torists of their speed have been cov­ered up with black plas­tic sheet­ing for a few months at Bal­larat, Gee­long and Bev­eridge.

And now I no­tice on the Hume High­way at Bev­eridge the over­head plat­form and the ad­vi­sory sign to check speed have also been re­moved. I thought these were a great idea to give driv­ers an in­di­ca­tion as to their ac­tual speed, es­pe­cially when driv­ing a new car with the al­lowed vari­ance on new ve­hi­cles’ speedome­ters. Are they go­ing to be re­placed?

Croy­don Joey We be­lieve they were taken down to pre­vent peo­ple try­ing to log a high speed on the dis­play.


SO FAR, no one has been able to tell me how fuel con­sump­tion is cal­cu­lated. I un­der­stand the dis­tance trav­elled is given eas­ily, but how is the petrol con­sumed mea­sured ac­cu­rately? I as­sume the fuel gauge read­ings are way too rough when the fig­ure given is shown to the near­est 0.1L/100km. Joe, email Fill the tank right to the top and zero the trip­me­ter or note the mileage on the odome­ter. Af­ter your drive, re­fill the tank the same way— at the same pump is best — and mea­sure the num­ber of litres. Di­vide the num­ber of litres into kilo­me­tres, mov­ing the dec­i­mal point for hun­dreds, and you have a proper litres/100km fig­ure.


I’VE driven a Skoda Fabia in Europe re­cently and was very im­pressed with the ve­hi­cle. We would be in­ter­ested in pur­chas­ing this model if/when it ever reaches Aus­tralia. We have spo­ken with sales rep­re­sen­ta­tives at a Skoda out­let in Men­tone and they had no knowl­edge if/when the Fabia will ever get to Aus­tralia, so are you aware of any in­ten­tion of Skoda to in­tro­duce the Fabia in Aus­tralia? Do you have any par­tic­u­lar views on this Skoda model?

Stu­art Allen, email We’ve also driven, and liked, the Fabia in Europe. But it’s too ex­pen­sive for Aus­tralia and will also have to sell up against the Volk­swa­gen Polo, which is the Ger­man brand’s pri­or­ity in Aus­tralia. Skoda is work­ing on a small­car plan, but noth­ing is ready yet.


THE RS Fo­cus is still avail­able. In NSW alone, there were 36 units avail­able and prob­a­bly sim­i­lar num­bers in other states, ex­cept Queens­land. Just thought I’d let you know be­cause if peo­ple think they’re too hard to get, they may not even bother try­ing. Kevin Doo­nan, dealer prin­ci­pal

D&J Ford, Lith­gow Now we know where to start the chase.

Fill her up: You can check fuel us­age your­self.

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