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TWO years ago I bought an Audi Q7. In that time it has been back to my lo­cal deal­er­ship more than four times be­cause of wa­ter leak­ing on to the front floor. It was in the work­shop for two weeks be­fore Christ­mas when I was as­sured it had been fixed. In Jan­uary when we had heavy rain in Vic­to­ria I had to re­sort to car­ry­ing tow­els be­cause it was still leak­ing. When my dealer ad­vised me I could take it to an­other deal­er­ship I went to Mel­bourne where the dealer had it for six weeks. One week af­ter it was re­turned it was leak­ing again. We have told the Audi Aus­tralia Re­gional Man­ager we want a re­place­ment Q7 and we don’t want ours back un­til it is fixed but he said he doesn’t have a car to give us. I bought a very ex­pen­sive car and it has been in the work­shop for al­most three months in to­tal and it still isn’t fixed. What can I do?

Monique Holmes-Richard­son

WE­don’t have lemon laws like they do in the US, which is un­for­tu­nate, be­cause you seem to have copped a lemon for sure, and un­der the US laws your car would al­most cer­tainly be re­placed. You are right in de­mand­ing it be fixed and right in telling Audi not to re­turn the car un­til it is fixed, but I would have de­manded they ei­ther re­place an ap­par­ently faulty car or give you your money back. I would sug­gest three things you could do to achieve a res­o­lu­tion to your prob­lem: First con­tact Audi head of­fice in Syd­ney and de­mand to speak to the man­ag­ing di­rec­tor; sec­ond con­tact con­sumer af­fairs and en­list their help, and third con­sult a lawyer with a view to send­ing Audi a letter of de­mand.


I HAVE used Valvo­line 15W-40 Ar­mour oil in my cars for years, and sup­ply it to my dealer to use when­ever he ser­vices my 2007 Toy­ota Corolla. When I queried why they charge me for oil af­ter I sup­ply it for them, I was told that as I am­not us­ing the rec­om­mended oil, Cas­trol 10W-30, that they will wipe my war­ranty if a fault de­vel­ops. I have used Valvo­line oil for 40-odd years with no prob­lems,

Wa­ter tor­ture: Trou­ble with the Audi Q7 Un­der theUSle­mon laws your car would al­most cer­tainly be re­placed

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