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The most pop­u­lar cars of all time in­clude Yank tanks and the hum­ble Bee­tle

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36 mil­lion Corolla is Latin for lit­tle crown but it’s been huge. One sells ev­ery 40 sec­onds.

2 FORD F-SE­RIES, 1948

34 mil­lion Said to have given Ford half its prof­its for many years. The F-150 is the big seller but there are some su­per-size ver­sions in the range as well.

3 VWGOLF, 1974

28 mil­lion Aussies love it; 15,000 sold here last year, the lion’s share of 38,000 lo­calVW sales. But it’s a hit ev­ery­where.

4 VWBEE­TLE, 1938-2003

21.6 mil­lion The wartime ‘‘ peo­ple’s car’’ first de­vel­oped by Fer­di­nand Porsche. Ger­mans called it Kafer (Bee­tle) and in 1967 it of­fi­cially took the Bee­tle name of the English trans­la­tion.


20.37 mil­lion Was a cheap sub-com­pact that im­proved each gen­er­a­tion. Honda’s rac­ing back­ground gave it re­spected sports vari­ants. Now com­fort­ably set­tled into main­stream ma­tu­rity. 6 FORD ES­CORT, 1968-2003

20 mil­lion This be­came the lit­tle car that could—

a small rear-wheel drive hero that won hearts, sales and ral­lies (es­pe­cially in the all­wheel-drive ver­sion).


18.13 mil­lion Pop­u­lar in the US, where it be­came the first Ja­panese car built there and racked up more than 10 mil­lion sales. But suc­cess has been a dou­ble-edged sword. Many blame the Ac­cord— and the Civic— for bland­ing the brand.

8 FORD MODEL T, 1908-1927

16.54 mil­lion Henry Ford’s ground-break­ing Tin Lizzie was the world’s first mass-pro­duced car and be­gan a revo­lu­tion that would make the mo­tor ve­hi­cle avail­able to ev­ery­one. The fa­mous ‘‘ any colour, as long as it’s black’’ slo­gan came about be­cause that shade had a shorter dry­ing time.

9 NIS­SAN/DAT­SUN PUL­SAR, 1966-2006

16.1 mil­lion It ar­rived here as the Dat­sun Pul­sar in 1980, was built here and was also re­badged at one stage as the Holden As­tra. Lo­cal sales plunged when Nis­san dropped its win­ning Pul­sar name for Ti­ida in 2003. It is now re­port­edly re­con­sid­er­ing.

10 VWPAS­SAT, 1973

15 mil­lion Shared the Audi Fox un­der­pin­nings un­til 2005, but out­stripped it in sales. A staid pre­mium car— and an un­likely tar­get for vi­ral web hits with its US Su­per Bowl Darth Vader ad.

Clock­wise from top: The Model T Ford; Honda Civic; VWGolf; and Ford’s F-se­ries Su­per Duty

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