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IN Cars­guide’s re­cent green car story there was a ta­ble show­ing zero CO emis­sions for

2 the Mit­subishi iMiev. As an en­gi­neer I be­lieve it is quite mis­lead­ing. This car ob­tains power from elec­tric­ity, which is gen­er­ated by coal-fired power sta­tions with a ther­mo­dy­namic ef­fi­ciency of less than 40 per cent, or about the same as a com­bus­tion en­gine af­ter you take into ac­count the trans­mis­sion losses. To be fair and hon­est, the ta­ble should be cal­cu­lated by work­ing out the kilo­Watt hours-per-hun­dred kilo­me­tres. Then we can work out how much coal was burnt and the amount of CO that was

2 ac­tu­ally gen­er­ated.

RayMouw, email THE Gov­ern­ment’s rat­ings only take ac­count of what’s burned in an in­ter­nal com­bus­tion en­gine. Per­haps they should talk in­stead about

‘‘ to­tal emis­sions’’. As for coal­fired power— that’s an­other can of worms en­tirely. COM­ING SOON CAN you tell me why Ford keeps on de­lay­ing the re­lease of the new Ter­ri­tory, and will it be a good car?

RodMcLen­nan, email THE de­lay was caused by a com­puter glitch in­volv­ing the dash­board dis­play. Ford says it’s fixed and or­ders are be­ing filled. We’ve driven it and it is very im­pres­sive, not just for the diesel but im­prove­ments to re­fine­ment, looks and driv­ing. DRIVER SKILLS MY daugh­ter will soon turn 18 and hopes to get her driv­ing li­cence next month. Can you please rec­om­mend a rep­utable or­gan­i­sa­tion that can give my daugh­ter prac­ti­cal, hands-on tu­ition in the skills of avoid­ing ac­ci­dents and know­ing how to re­act in sud­den, dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tions. To date my wife and I have been teach­ing her in a late-model auto Com­modore. We started in a man­ual Toy­ota Echo but once she got the taste of the auto there was no look­ing back. Pity, but there you are. I have no in­ten­tion of let­ting her go solo in such a car but will fol­low your rec­om­men­da­tion of get­ting a Subaru Lib­erty or some­thing sim­i­lar un­less you can ad­vise other­wise.

An­thony Wil­lis, email CARS­GUIDE has had very pos­i­tive ex­pe­ri­ences with Mur­cotts Driv­ing Ex­cel­lence and John Bowe Driv­ing, two or­gan­i­sa­tions with a strong fo­cus on safety and young driv­ers. The Lib­erty would be an ex­cel­lent choice for a safe­ty­first car for a young­ster. CLASS­WAR­FARE VIC­TO­RIAN school-zone speed re­stric­tions re­ally an­noy me. There is rarely a kid in sight most of the time re­stric­tions ap­ply. The SA ver­sion is bet­ter as re­stric­tions ap­ply ‘‘when­ever there are chil­dren present’’, re­gard­less of time. The other an­noy­ing thing is that if a school is in an 80km/h zone, the re­stric­tion is down to 60, but if it is in a 60 zone, the re­stric­tion is down to 40. Why?

Pa­tri­cia Wool­cock IT’s typ­i­cal of vari­a­tions in the rules be­tween states. KEEP­ING KIDS SAFE I AM­con­cerned about Cars­guide’s ‘‘Pro­tect­ing your most pre­cious cargo’’ re­port in April. In par­tic­u­lar, the state­ment: ‘‘Fit­ment of a child seat is pos­si­ble in the front seat, pro­vided the airbag is de­ac­ti­vated’’. An associated pic­ture showed a young child in a rear­ward-fac­ing child re­straint in the front seat of a car. New na­tional child car­restraint laws clearly state that chil­dren un­der the age of four years are not to ride in the front seat of a ve­hi­cle that has more than one row of seats. Chil­dren aged from four to seven years can ride in the front seat only if all rear seats are oc­cu­pied by younger chil­dren. While it is not il­le­gal to use a re­straint in the front seat of a ve­hi­cle with only one row of seats, many such ve­hi­cles have no anchorage point and can­not have a child re­straint fit­ted. Par­ents and car­ers must fol­low the rec­om­men­da­tions in the ve­hi­cle hand­book be­fore fit­ting a child car re­straint in the front seat. As there is still much con­fu­sion among par­ents in re­la­tion to the new child car-re­straint law, please clar­ify this point. Hope­fully, this letter has. He­len Noblet, Holly Fitzger­ald


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