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I paid al­most $2000 for paint pro­tec­tion on my Holden and was won­der­ing how you can say it doesn’t work. I’ve only had the car for a few months but if at any time I was unsatisfied I was told they would sort it out. Are you say­ing the pro­tec­tive coat will wear off over time? Have you had ex­pe­ri­ence with Holden’s paint pro­tec­tion? Trevor Arthur, email Holden doesn’t ac­tu­ally sell paint pro­tec­tion for its cars. It’s the dealer who has sold the prod­uct to you. Some deal­ers up-sell clients into prod­ucts with the aim of mak­ing more money out of the deal and paint pro­tec­tion is one of those things. The prod­uct you have bought could be one of many on the mar­ket but one thing for sure is that it’s not a Holden prod­uct or even a Holden rec­om­mended prod­uct. Typ­i­cally the paint pro­tec­tion prod­uct is a wax prod­uct and washes off over time. Holden’s paint stands up fine, par­tic­u­larly if it’s looked af­ter by be­ing washed reg­u­larly in fresh wa­ter, with no de­ter­gent, and also waxed ev­ery few months. COME CLEAN Your ar­ti­cle on keep­ing your car clean has a cou­ple of doozies! First, wash­ing your car at home in Vic­to­ria is il­le­gal, un­less us­ing tank wa­ter. Then you say not to use de­ter­gent, but how do you do that at the lo­cal com­mer­cial car wash? They won’t even let you touch a bucket and sponge! You have to use the broom!

Matt Snart, email I don’t know where you get your tank wa­ter but mine is as fresh as it gets. Also, it’s not il­le­gal to use tap wa­ter to wash your car in Vic­to­ria, it’s just that you’re not al­lowed to use a hose. Use a bucket and you’re fine. And you don’t have to use the brush at com­mer­cial car washes, most have fa­cil­i­ties to use the spray with­out de­ter­gent. SIM­PLE RE­PAIR I have a 1996 Hyundai Ex­cel auto that has done 106,000km and has been a won­der­ful car. But over the past month I have had trou­ble with the gear lever. I have to press the but­ton half a dozen times in or­der to se­lect a gear. Is it a big prob­lem, or is it eas­ily fixed?

John Ni­col, email It sounds like a prob­lem with the gearshift it­self and may have been caused by wear. If that’s the case, it should be a FORD FRUS­TRA­TION I write to you in ut­ter frus­tra­tion with Ford Aus­tralia. I re­ceived a letter from Ford to­day with op­tions re the faulty cruise con­trol on the Ranger. A re­place­ment part won’t be avail­able un­til early 2012 and as com­pen­sa­tion Ford will cover the cost of the next sched­uled ser­vice, or I can have the cruise con­trol sys­tem

Lone Ranger: Areader is un­happy with Ford’s so­lu­tions to cruise

con­trol dra­mas rea­son­ably sim­ple and in­ex­pen­sive re­pair.

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