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Aussie he­roes don’t have to have eight cylin­ders un­der the bon­net. We com­pare Ford’s XR6 and Holden’s SV6

I NO­TICED some bird drop­pings on the bon­net of my 2010 Mazda be­fore I went through the car wash. Af­ter­wards I re­alised the paint had come away, leav­ing a spot about the size of a 50-cent coin. I pur­chased paint pro­tec­tion and rust proof pro­tec­tion, so was ex­tremely dis­ap­pointed when I dis­cov­ered the dam­age to the paint. Should I pay to get it fixed my­self, which would more than likely in­clude a new bon­net, new paint, and then paint pro­tec­tion ap­plied to the bon­net, or take it to the dealer and tell them I want it fixed?

Sarah, email Pre­sum­ably, you bought the paint pro­tec­tion from your Mazda dealer. That’s where to get it fixed. RUSTY TER­RI­TORY OUR 2009 Ford Ter­ri­tory has rust in the en­gine bay, bon­net, door seals, side steps and boot. Our dealer took our car to a lo­cal panel shop for re­pair, but no one would guar­an­tee the work due to the ex­tent of the rust. The car was then taken to an­other dealer’s panel shop for re­pair. The re­pairer told me the work done was the cheaper of two op­tions to rec­tify the rust. The dear­est op­tion was to re­move panels, re­seal and re­paint. The other op­tion, the one Ford au­tho­rised and which was done, was to sand back the seams, seal with a mastic to en­cap­su­late rust and re­paint. On pick-up we dis­cov­ered only half the job had been done. My con­cern is that the rust will re­cur and we are also con­cerned that other rust may not be de­tected with­out pulling the car apart. How can we take this mat­ter fur­ther? Barry and Heather Nord­berg,

email Start with your dealer and ex­plain your con­cerns. If you want to strengthen your case you could call in an independent ex­pert to ex­am­ine and re­port on the re­pairs. One you could con­sult is Graeme Cuth­bert on 0422 444 335. FAULT CON­VERTER I HAD to re­place the cat­alytic con­verter on my 2005VWPolo in 2007, but I have had the car back a few times be­cause it still played up. It is play­ing up again and I have been told I need a new cat­alytic con­verter. Will I have to pay the full cost of re­place­ment?

Su­san Kelly, email Un­less you can show that the cat con­verter fit­ted in 2007 was in some way faulty I would think you would have to pay the full cost of a re­place­ment. The Polo is out of war­ranty, so I would sug­gest you con­sult an in­de­pen­den­tVWspe­cial­ist for a cheaper con­verter. OIL FOIBLES MY ME­CHANIC is puz­zled by my 2000 Mit­subishi Magna’s spas­modic oil con­sump­tion and re­cently de­cided to put diesel­grade oil in the en­gine. It did blow smoke on take-off at dif­fer­ent times, but this has stopped at present. What could be the prob­lem?

David D’Al­tera, email A com­mon cause of ex­cess oil con­sump­tion in Mag­nas is worn valve stem oil seals. STICKY SHIFT­ING IT LOOKS as if I might have the

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