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Plenty of tweaks in Holden’s gen­er­a­tion Z

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if prop­erly main­tained. Look for a ser­vice record that shows what ser­vic­ing has been done.

Check for oil leaks around the en­gine and gear­box, in­spect for coolant leaks, and ex­am­ine the body for poor crash re­pairs. trac­tion con­trol. ANCAP gave it four safety stars.


Holden tried to ex­tract as much fuel ef­fi­ciency as pos­si­ble from the Com­modore but there was no es­cap­ing the fact it was a large and fairly heavy car. The com­pany claimed an av­er­age of 11.0-11.6 L/100km for the V6 and 14.0-14.5L for the V8. The VZ is not the car for you if you are wor­ried about fuel econ­omy. If that is a con­cern, per­haps look at the dual-fuel ver­sion, which came from the fac­tory with a qual­ity IMPCO sys­tem.

Abet­ter car than gen­er­ally per­ceived but the brand it­self was on the nose with lo­cal buy­ers. Agood car worth a look if you don’t mind the stigma. Pay $5500-$18,500 3stars

Whenall else fails. Strong brand­ing has made Toy­ota the fall­back choice for Aus­tralians. The cars are well de­signed and built but em­i­nently for­get­table. Pay $7000-$20,000 3stars Do you own or have you owned a Fiat 500? Share your ex­pe­ri­ence with other Cars­guide read­ers by send­ing your com­ments via email to gra­ham.smith@cars­ or write to Cars­guide, PO Box 4245 Syd­ney, NSW, 2010.

Re­freshed: On de­but in 2004, the VZ Com­modore got anewv6 and newsafety fea­tures

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