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The clutch in my 2007 Mit­subishi Pa­jero needed re­plac­ing af­ter just 39,000km — which I be­lieve is un­sat­is­fac­tory given it has only been used for sub­ur­ban and coun­try mo­tor­ing and hasn’t done any tow­ing. Mit­subishi says it is nor­mal wear and tear and thus not cov­ered by war­ranty. Be­fore this I had a Subaru Forester, which had 104,000km on the odome­ter when I sold it and was still on the orig­i­nal clutch. I have also con­tacted the Depart­ment of Fair Trad­ing but it was un­able to as­sist. What are your thoughts?

David Rant, email CLUTCHES are a reg­u­lar com­plaint item at Cars­guide but de­ter­min­ing what is ac­cept­able life for a clutch is dif­fi­cult— it de­pends so much on use and that varies from owner to owner. I reckon 39,000km is un­ac­cept­able in nor­mal use but to ar­gue your case would be long and frus­trat­ing. I’d fit a heavy-duty af­ter­mar­ket clutch, which should give you bet­ter ser­vice. GAS NOISE ISNOGAS I spent nearly $5000 to have a JTG LPG liq­uid in­jec­tion sys­tem fit­ted to my 2007 Prado V6. From the first day it has had a loud noise, like pres­sure be­ing re­leased, af­ter the en­gine is turned off. It starts about a minute af­ter turn­ing the ig­ni­tion off and lasts for about 30 to 40 sec­onds and it’s so loud my wife can hear it in­side our house. The in­staller said it was nor­mal and ev­ery car he’s con­verted with the sys­tem has the same noise. I was sur­prised that af­ter spend­ing nearly $5000 I have to put up with this. Is this nor­mal? Is there any way I can fix it? Why wasn’t it men­tioned to me be­fore I bought it? I would have never con­verted my car if I’d known.

Amalpieris, email IT DOESN’T seem nor­mal and you did the cor­rect thing in go­ing back to the in­staller. Hav­ing found no sat­is­fac­tion there, you should take the car to the sys­tem sup­plier, the Aus­tralian LPG Ware­house, to get it as­sessed and hope­fully fixed to your lik­ing. Phone 1300 574 669.

Wear: Aheavy-duty af­ter­mar­ket clutch

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