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When I re­cently had four new Yoko­hama 205/55ZR16 91W A Drive R1 tyres fit­ted to my Subaru Im­preza, the tyre man filled the tyres with ‘‘ni­tro­gen’’ and in­flated them to 35psi. The rec­om­mended pres­sure is 32 but he said the in­creased pres­sure would put more tyre on the road for bet­ter wear and would not need to be pres­sure-checked for six months. Is this OK?

Jack Dis­combe The tyre man has fed you a line. There is some ad­van­tage in run­ning ni­tro­gen in a race car that is op­er­at­ing un­der ex­treme duress. On the race track it would be a more sta­ble gas and main­tain the pres­sure bet­ter. But there’s no ad­van­tage in run­ning ni­tro­gen in a road car. I bet he charged you for the gas as well. It might not drop as fast but the pres­sure will drop just as it would if you used air, so you still need to check the in­fla­tion pres­sure reg­u­larly. DVDUNLOCK CODE When I re­cently changed the bat­tery in my 2004 Ford Fal­con, I found I needed a code to switch the fac­tory-fit­ted DVD player on again. The pre­vi­ous owner did not sup­ply the code, so I con­tacted the lo­cal Ford deal­er­ship, which ad­vised it would have to re­move the DVD player, lo­cate a se­rial num­ber and fax it off to Ford Aus­tralia, which would then send the code out. This was go­ing to cost $85, which we de­clined. Three months later, I con­tacted the same dealer to book the car in but the price was now $150. Can you please tell me if there is an­other way of get­ting the se­cu­rity code for our DVD player, per­haps by sup­ply­ing the VIN or en­gine num­ber?

Glenn, email You could con­tact Ford’s cus­tomer as­sis­tance ser­vice and ask for their help, but I sus­pect the only way is to get the se­rial The camshaft in the 2007 Toy­ota Hilux Twin Cab diesel I bought at the start of the year has snapped and I have been told by Toy­ota it needs a new mo­tor ($6500-plus). It had 36,000km on it when I bought it and now has 65,000km. Toy­ota has never heard of this and can­not ex­plain what could cause this to hap­pen. I work on a dairy farm in the coun­try and live down a gravel road. I have put a lot of money into the ute and need it to pro­vide safe and re­li­able trans­port for my fam­ily. I don’t have that kind of money. What can I do?

Nathan Chat­field, email

In­flated ideas: Ni­tro­gen is Okin race tyres but isn’t needed on the road

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