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I am­con­sid­er­ing an FJ Cruiser. I am a keen four-wheel driver and have owned a Toy­ota Prado which I was very happy with. My use for the car will be week­end four-wheel driv­ing and weekly com­mut­ing. I’d be very in­ter­ested in your view on the Cruiser, and my sec­ond op­tion is a Nis­san Pa­trol 2011 3.0 turbo diesel.

Robm­c­grillen, email

The FJ is a Prado un­der the skin so, pro­vided you like the looks, it will be fine for your needs. It is def­i­nitely bet­ter than the Pa­trol. BLINK­ERS OFF I want to voice my dis­gust at your con­stant Ford bash­ing in the Cars­guide. In all my time read­ing this sec­tion of the pa­per I have never heard you say a de­cent word about any Ford prod­uct. I bet you would would put an EH Holden up against an FG GTP and the ver­dict would be with the Holden. Take off the blink­ers. Any other mo­tor­ing mag­a­zine puts the XR6 way ahead of the poor SV6 but typ­i­cally you put your be­lief in the Holden once more. You have per­mis­sion to print this and, you never know, you may get plenty of other Ford fans vent­ing their anger.

David Tay­lor Per­haps you missed the sto­ries on the Ford Fi­esta and Mon­deo, which we rate as best in class, or the Fo­cus, which was a fi­nal­ist for our Car of the Year award. There is lots of dis­turb­ing news about Ford Australia but we try to be up­beat, like break­ing news of the mas­sive cash in­jec­tion from Detroit in Jan­uary. As for the XR6, the turbo is great but the ba­sic car is not as sweet to drive as the SV6. FU­SION SNEAK PEEK I have just read your ar­ti­cle on the Ford Fu­sion race car. On hol­i­days on Jan­uary, I was driv­ing from Syd­ney to the Cen­tral Coast when I pulled up be­side a left-hand drive car with a Ford badge and some gad­gets on the roof and rear. It was badged Ford Fu­sion, and had a sign say­ing ‘‘ve­hi­cle un­der eval­u­a­tion’’. I tried to get a cou­ple of pho­tos but the driver seemed un­happy with me do­ing that. Is this the re­place­ment for the Fal­con? Have you had a test drive?

John Berger, email

Ford Australia has a lot of ve­hi­cles on its eval­u­a­tion fleet and this is one. We have yet to drive the new Fu­sion, which will also be badged as a Mon­deo and is an all-new global prod­uct. It prom­ises to SOME CIVIC PRIDE I work for the lo­cal Honda deal­er­ship, so it is from that per­spec­tive that I write, not to con­demn or com­plain about your opin­ions, but from the fact that you’re be­ing crit­i­cal and con­demn the new Civic even be­fore you have had a chance to pre­view or drive it. Can you please stick to the facts rather than judg­ing it pre­ma­turely? If, af­ter hav­ing driven it, you have an un­bi­ased opin­ion maybe you can share it then with your readers, my­self in­cluded.

Carl Di Giovine, email

We have seen the new Civic at global mo­tor shows and been deeply wor­ried about the down­grad­ing in qual­ity of the new car, some­thing you can see and feel. The Civic has also been dropped from the list of rec­om­mended cars by the in­flu­en­tial Con­sumer Re­ports in the US, an­other worry. Then, when we in­ter­viewed com­pany pres­i­dent and CEO Takanobu Ito, he ad­mit­ted Honda had not done enough on the car. We are very much look­ing for­ward to driv­ing it but we re­main con­cerned.

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