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For three weeks af­ter I took my Toy­ota Corolla in for its first 1000km ser­vice I was feel­ing quite ill, my speech was slurred; I was tired and sleepy all day, nau­seous and had se­vere headaches. Then, two weeks ago the car caught fire when my hus­band was driv­ing. There was smoke ev­ery­where. My hus­band looked un­der the bon­net to find the cap had been left off when they checked the oil. There was burn­ing oil ev­ery­where. When I called the ser­vice cen­tre, they played it down. They told me to take the car to them, which I re­fused, so they sent a me­chanic to take it away. They brought it back a cou­ple of hours later and said it was OK; they cleaned the en­gine and re­placed the plas­tic cover. I would like to know if this has caused longterm dam­age to my new car. I also went to the doc­tor and he took blood tests and said I have lung dam­age and am very lucky to be alive, as I have been in­hal­ing car­bon monox­ide.

Mary Sant, email. You shouldn’t have let the car out of your sight; in­stead you should have had it in­spected by an in­de­pen­dent me­chanic for pos­si­ble dam­age that might have been caused in the fire. Even now I would get it in­spected for dam­age, any­thing could have been dam­aged in the fire— wiring, hoses, paint, plas­tic com­po­nents, you won’t know un­til it’s prop­erly checked. You should also con­sider con­sult­ing Fair Trad­ing with a view to fur­ther claims against the peo­ple who did the ser­vic­ing. IT’S EASY TO GO LPG I have a 2005 Toy­ota Ta­coma that uses the 1GR-FE en­gine, but when I asked Toy­ota Australia about con­vert­ing it to LPG they ad­vised that this en­gine should not be con­verted. Can you rec­om­mend an LPG sys­tem that best suits this en­gine?

Tony­jack­son, email The en­gine pre­fix ap­pears to be the same as the en­gines fit­ted in other Aus­tralian mod­els, such as Hilux, and these are suc­cess­fully in­stalled with LPG. Any sys­tem that is cer­ti­fied for the en­gine would carry over, but it would be nec­es­sary to check the car it­self to see what mod­i­fi­ca­tions, if any, might be needed to fit it. CLUNKYCREWMAN My 2004 Holden Crew­man Cross8 makes a clunk­ing noise

Aroutine ser­vice on a new­corolla went awry.

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