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I RE­CENTLY bought a 2005 Subaru Out­back man­ual 2.5L with about 60,000km on the clock and I am­sur­prised to find it uses oil. Over a nor­mal ser­vice pe­riod of six months and typ­i­cally hav­ing trav­elled 6000km-8000km in that time, it drops from the high mark to just be­low the low mark on the dip­stick. If we tow our small camper trailer, oil con­sump­tion in­creases even more. Is this above nor­mal use and if so where is it go­ing and why?

Peter, email SUBARU says that with­out di­rect knowl­edge of the car the use ap­pears to fall within its ac­cept­able lim­its. But if you have doubts they rec­om­mend you get an au­tho­rised Subaru dealer to check it. It is good that you check en­gine oil lev­els reg­u­larly as, de­spite some per­cep­tions, they do use some oil over time. Call Subaru’s Cus­tomers Re­la­tions on 1800 226 643 to find your near­est dealer. M-M-M-MAZDA! I HAVE just bought a used 2003 Mazda Trib­ute V6 and the en­gine stut­ters or mis­fires of­ten enough to make me won­der if there is a prob­lem. Is there a prob­lem with the 2003 V6 Mazda Trib­ute, and if so, do you know the cause and pos­si­ble so­lu­tion?

Alan Davis, email IDON’T know of a wide­spread is­sue that would cause your prob­lem. It’s an old car and first I’d get the ig­ni­tion and fuel sys­tem ser­viced. If that doesn’t pro­vide a so­lu­tion I’d look for a faulty elec­tri­cal con­nec­tion as­so­ci­ated with the en­gine and its sen­sors. CRANKSHAFT CALL AF­TER notic­ing oil droplets where I park my VY Se­ries II Holden Calais, I found the area be­tween the en­gine and gear­box seems to be bathed in dark oil. Also, the right rear wheel rat­tles on bumpy roads and speed bumps. What do you think might be the cause?

Rui Men­des, email

THE oil is prob­a­bly com­ing from the rear main oil seal on the crankshaft. It’s rel­a­tively com­mon and shouldn’t be of great con­cern pro­vid­ing it’s not a large pool of oil. Check the en­gine oil level reg­u­larly and if you see it drop­ping rather quickly have a

Alit­tle sumpin’: An Out­back gets down to the low-oil mark be­tween ser­vices

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