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AS IN other Toy­ota Pra­dos, the dash in my 2003 model has cracked in a num­ber of places. Re­pairs were de­nied by Toy­ota a num­ber of years ago be­cause the war­ranty had ended. Now, Toy­ota has ap­proved the re­pair of the dash but will cover only 70 per cent of the re­pair cost. Do you think this is a suf­fi­cient out­come?

Peter, email Yes, I do think that’s a rea­son­able out­come and I would rec­om­mend you take the of­fer and have your car re­paired. DASH II THE dash in my Toy­ota Prado de­vel­oped cracks very early on, but I was un­able to get my lo­cal dealer in­ter­ested un­til I pro­duced your ar­ti­cle. I con­tacted my near­est city deal­er­ship, af­ter di­rec­tion from Toy­ota’s na­tional phone sup­port. Pho­tos were sup­pos­edly for­warded a month ago but I have had no feed­back. I have a young fam­ily and am ex­tremely con­cerned with the safety as­pect of crack­ing ad­ja­cent to the airbag. Have oth­ers have had any suc­cess with their claims?


As you can see with Peter, above, Toy­ota has ap­proved his claim for re­pairs, so I sug­gest you per­sist with your claim. I feel con­fi­dent it will be re­solved. CHAIN DE­FENCE A ME­CHANIC re­cently told me that I needed to re­place the tim­ing chain on my 2004 Mit­subishi Pa­jero be­cause it is worn. It has done 207,000km. I have a ma­jor trust is­sue with me­chan­ics and you have stated in the past that tim­ing chains don’t need re­plac­ing. I’m very much at a loss and I would re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate your ad­vice.

Josef Farid, email Tim­ing chains do not need to be re­placed as reg­u­larly as tim­ing belts, so there is no re­quire­ment in the ser­vice sched­ule for such a re­place­ment. But they do wear and can be­come slack over time – then they need re­plac­ing. If you don’t, you risk them break­ing or jump­ing teeth on the drive gears and if ei­ther of those things hap­pened you could do se­ri­ous in­ter­nal dam­age to the en­gine. I’d fol­low your me­chanic’s ad­vice. THE LONG RE­CON THE 2.2-litre en­gine in my Holden Rodeo dual-cab ute has de­vel­oped a se­ri­ous bot­tomend knock, and three

Tough go­ing: Prado dash

re­pairs are still an is­sue

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