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Ev­ery­thing I’ve read and heard seems to sug­gest the Toy­ota 86 is a great sports car. Should I buy now or wait a while to see if any prob­lems come to light?

Lino, email The 86 is a rip­per. An in­stant clas­sic. We do not think there will be any prob­lems, at all. Even if you or­der now you are go­ing to be fac­ing a three­month wait and if you de­lay more the de­liv­ery queue will only get longer. ONFOCUS I’ve been con­sid­er­ing the UN­COMFY CAMRY? I bought a 2010 Toy­ota Camry and I find the ride to be ex­tremely stiff, even with tyres at cor­rect pres­sure. Com­pared to a Com­modore the ride is so un­com­fort­able. Is that nor­mal for the Camry to be like that? Is there anything I should look at to rec­tify it?

Joe, email Without know­ing the ex­act model of Camry and the tyres, it is hard to be pre­cise but the Camry gen­er­ally might feel stiffer be­cause the Com­modore had sagged over the years. You could drop the tyre pres­sures to the low­est rec­om­men­da­tion, or switch to a tyre with more com­pli­ance in the side­wall. Mazda2 Neo and a dealer is of­fer­ing a price of $12,450 and $5000 for my trade-in, a 2007 Holden Ba­rina three-door. But it may be just a lit­tle bit small, so I am­con­sid­er­ing the Mazda3. For my bud­get, that is a sig­nif­i­cant jump in price from the Mazda2. So when I com­pared prices, Ford seems to be of­fer­ing some good deals on the Fo­cus. What would you rec­om­mend the Mazda 3 or the Ford Fo­cus? CX-5 THRIVES I need your help de­cid­ing be­tween the Volk­swa­gen Tiguan base model and the Mazda CX-5 base model, both man­ual. I am­com­ing from hav­ing the best car, a 2003 Mit­subishi Mi­rage, for nine years that has never had a prob­lem. It’s been won­der­ful but it’s just too small. I like that the CX-5 has a re­verse cam­era and is roomy but my hus­band is par­tial to Eu­ro­pean-made cars.

Kath Dol­heguy, email This is an easy choice,

Gail, email The Mazda3 is not as good as it once was and the Fo­cus is def­i­nitely good. But also take a look at a Corolla, win­ner of our re­cent four-car small-car com­par­i­son, as Toy­ota is also do­ing deals. be­cause the Tiguan is an old, dated de­sign and the Mazda is a new model. The Tiguan fin­ished last in our re­cent four­way com­pact SUV com­par­i­son. SPORTAGE CHANCE I’m look­ing for a mid-size SUV. How­ever, I need it to be able to com­fort­ably tow 2000kg. Every­where I look it seems all the cars are front-wheel drive even if part-time AWD. Can you point me in the di­rec­tion of a car that might suit my needs in the $35k-$40K price range.

Matt Dixon, email The Kia Sportage should suit your needs and re­cently won our four-way com­pact SUV shootout. ML FOR MOI I am­look­ing at buy­ing a new four-wheel drive and would like to know which is bet­ter, the Mercedes or Audi diesel 3.0-litre? Or is there an­other four-wheel drive that is su­pe­rior in this price range, about $90,000?

Peter Fos­ter, email Un­til re­cently theBMW X5 was the best of this bunch but the new ML from Benz is a top choice and also bet­ter value than the X5. For us, the Audi comes in third un­less you re­ally need the huge cabin of the Q7.

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