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HOWabout launch­ing a cam­paign to save the Fal­con? Stop telling ev­ery­one it’s dead, start telling ev­ery­one how good it is and tell Ford to start mak­ing proper ads like the ‘‘Can’t Get Enough of This’’ cam­paign from 2002. There are thou­sands of Aussie jobs on the line. Mo­tor­ing journos carry some blame by be­ing neg­a­tive about the Fal­con. Ev­ery time you say ‘‘the Fal­con is dead’’, you tell the pub­lic not to buy it. Why not start telling buy­ers why they should con­sider it? Re­mem­ber the ‘‘V8s til ’98’’ cam­paign? It worked with the Holden, so let’s save the Fal­con.

Frank Red­ward, email We’re fans of the Fal­con and have writ­ten about the su­pe­ri­or­ity of the EcoBoost model. But it’s not our job to do the job for Ford, es­pe­cially when it does it so badly. We’re Fal­con sup­port­ers but the buck stops at Broad­mead­ows. BOOST­ING ECOBOOST I drive a 60th an­niver­sary Com­modore and do about 45,000km a year. The car needs re­plac­ing and my com­pany gives me two op­tions, Ford G6 or Holden Equipe. What are your views, or is there an­other six-cylin­der car in the same price bracket that I should look at, in case my com­pany widens its choice? It needs to be re­placed by Septem­ber 1.

Di Boyle, email Get a Fal­con G6 but with the EcoBoost four-cylin­der engine. It makes the Ford into a sweet, re­lax­ing driv­ing pack­age and is eas­ier on fuel than the sixes, with no real loss of per­for­mance. FAST FARCE I read your ar­ti­cle on theBMW M6 coupe, which said: ‘‘Most im­pres­sive thing, ‘cruis­ing’ on a free­way at 120km/h.’’ You should re­mind peo­ple that 110km/h, as far as I know , is the speed limit in NSW. If you think that 120km/h is cruis­ing, what speed do you think you would be al­lowed to do if you were in a hurry ?

Den­nis, email We’re sure peo­ple know we have ar­chaic speed lim­its in Aus­tralia. There were no speed cam­eras on the roads in Spain, en­cour­ag­ing peo­ple to drive sen­si­bly and not with one eye locked on the speedome­ter. As for a ‘‘ hurry speed’’, we’ve driven at bet­ter than 180km/h for hours on the un­re­stricted Ger­man au­to­bahns – the safest roads in Europe. TWINS CLUTCH­ING I want a sec­ond-hand man­ual car, spend­ing up to $15,000, for my twin chil­dren to learn to drive. Re­li­a­bil­ity, re­sale, safety and ease of driv­ing are im­por­tant. We plan to re­sell the car in two years when our chil­dren ob­tain their pro­vi­sional li­cences.

Kia Wit­tner, email We’d rec­om­mend an au­to­matic as a learner car. There is so much to take in when you hit the road and chang­ing gears is a big dis­trac­tion. More than 80 per cent of new cars sold these days are au­to­matic, so the vast ma­jor­ity of young­sters will never drive a man­ual. You could get a new Hyundai i20 for a sim­i­lar price, or a Suzuki Swift would be good. CZECH ’EM OUT Are Sko­das any good? My daugh­ter-in-law is look­ing for a car to last her six to 10 years. She has $25,000-$30,000 to spend. She was think­ing about a Skoda sta­tion wagon, maybe sec­ond-hand.

PamLa­maro, email Skoda is part of the Volk­swa­gen Group and its prod­ucts are ter­rific, usu­ally with a neat de­sign twist. They’re built in a state-of-theart fac­tory and are in­tended to give bet­ter value than VWs in Aus­tralia. They get a tick. ARIGHT RIP­PER What is your rec­om­men­da­tion be­tween the Honda MDX, Volvo XC90 and Ford Ter­ri­tory? With a bud­get of $20,000$25,000 safety, fuel ef­fi­ciency and ex­tra space are pri­or­i­ties.

Si­mon Cave, email If you can find an MDX, it would be the best choice. A Volvo at that price range is go­ing to be old and run-down and we’re still not con­vinced about the prob­lems with older Fords. But theMDXwas a rip­per be­fore Honda de­cided it only needed left-hand-drive. AGE­ING STAR­LET I have had my three-door Star­let for eight years. I want some­thing with more power, good safety and the abil­ity to fit four adults. I do a bit of in­ner-city driv­ing and go on long drives on the open road once a month or so. I would spend $15,000-$25,000 and I’m not keen on a Euro­pean car.

ErinHam­mett, email Toy­ota Corolla. It won our re­cent small-car com­par­i­son, beat­ing the Volk­swa­gen Golf and Mazda3, our pre­vi­ous pre­ferred choices.

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