The good oil on gas

Dual-fuel kits for trucks, burn­ing nat­u­ral gas and diesel mixes, de­liver grunt with a green touch

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diesel. Gas burns cleaner than diesel and, ad­di­tion­ally, run­ning a mix can ex­tend engine oil change in­ter­vals.

It is also pos­si­ble for a con­verted truck to run on diesel alone, which will be of com­fort to op­er­a­tors wor­ried about run­ning out of gas be­tween fill­ing sta­tions.

Op­er­a­tors can run com­pressed nat­u­ral gas (CNG) or liq­ue­fied nat­u­ral gas (LNG), de­cid­ing on which gas to use when the sys­tem is fit­ted.

A division of Kleen­heat Gas, Evol LNG says the dual-fuel set-up can re­duce CO emis­sions by up to 12 per cent. The com­pany says fuel sav­ings will de­pend on oper­at­ing cir­cum­stances.

It claims the sys­tem can ‘‘ dis­place’’ 40 to 60 per cent of nor­mal diesel con­sump­tion with gas. CNG and LNG are sig­nif­i­cantly cheaper than diesel al­though the gases do not pro­duce the same en­ergy as the same vol­ume of diesel.

As most op­er­a­tors buy gas in bulk at cheaper rates, rather than just pulling up at the bowser, cal­cu­lat­ing the fuel and cost sav­ing is not a clear-cut propo­si­tion.

Op­er­a­tors can get more range out of LNG than CNG but both gases need larger tanks to match the mileage of a diesel-only truck.

One B-dou­ble fit­ted with V5000HD car­ried two 410-litre rail-mounted tanks, diesel on one side and LNG on the other side, for a com­bined range of around 800km.

V500HD is not the only dual-fuel sys­tem avail­able but Evol LNG claims it of­fers a sim­pler and more af­ford­able sys­tem than com­peti­tors.

Tanks for the econ­omy: Evol’s set-up blends nat­u­ral gas, com­pressed or liq­ue­fied, with diesel

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