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For months af­ter I con­verted my Com­modore to run on LPG us­ing an in­jec­tion sys­tem, all went well. Then it be­gan to run roughly. My in­staller di­ag­nosed blocked in­jec­tors due to con­tam­i­nated LPG and rec­om­mended re­plac­ing them. Af­ter the work was done, at a cost of $1200, the prob­lem ap­peared to be fixed but it sur­faced again af­ter a lit­tle time. Once more the di­ag­no­sis was blocked in­jec­tors due to con­tam­i­nated gas, al­though I had switched to a dif­fer­ent LPG out­let as rec­om­mended. Same story: the blocked in­jec­tors were re­placed, the car ran well for a short time, the rough run­ning re­turned and the in­staller cited blocked in­jec­tors due to con­tam­i­nated LPG. I have now blown any of the sav­ings I hoped to make by con­vert­ing to LPG in the first place. What can I do?

Paul, email

We checked around and found there are re­ports of fuel qual­ity is­sues re­sult­ing in in­jec­tors be­ing blocked. The chief cause is thought to be con­tam­i­nants in the gas leach­ing plas­ti­cis­ers from flex­i­ble rub­ber hoses in­stalled on some LPG ve­hi­cles, and this ma­te­rial mi­grates to the in­jec­tors. The rec­om­men­da­tion we were given is to in­spect the fuel de­liv­ery lines and, if they are rub­ber, check their ex­tractabil­ity rat­ing. If the rat­ing is not near zero, then have them re­placed with ei­ther cop­per lines or flex­i­ble lines with zero ex­tractabil­ity. GOOD DAI I con­tacted you about the poor ra­dio re­cep­tion in my Hyundai ix35 and you asked Hyundai to in­ves­ti­gate it. Well, it’s hard to be­lieve but af­ter 12 months the AM ra­dio fi­nally works, to Hyundai’s credit. They re­placed ev­ery­thing, in­clud­ing the ra­dio, but in the end it was fixed by fit­ting a big­ger aerial, which is what I wanted in the first place. So I now have an ix35 with a Com­modore aerial and it works on AM. Thanks for Cars­guide’s help as well.

Ian Davis, email Good news. We thank Hyundai, too, for fol­low­ing up and fix­ing the prob­lem. PULP FACTS My Honda City has ‘‘pinged’’ un­der load from the day I bought it two years ago. The ser­vice peo­ple will not even ac­knowl­edge the ping­ing and seem to­tally dis­in­ter­ested. How can I have my car ser­viced by a non-Honda com­pany and not af­fect my war­ranty?

RonPort, email You don’t say what fuel you have been run­ning it on but if you’ve been us­ing reg­u­lar un­leaded try a higher-oc­tane rat­ing fuel, such as 95 PULP or even higher 98, and see if the ping­ing goes away. You can have your car ser­viced by any qual­i­fied me­chanic with­out af­fect­ing the war­ranty, as long as it is done ac­cord­ing to Honda’s rec­om­men­da­tion.

Blocked: Con­vert­ing a Com­modore to LPG has upped the owner’s run­ning costs — con­tam­i­nants in the gas clog the in­jec­tors

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