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The owner’s man­ual for my 2010 Hyundai Getz sug­gests that the coolant does not need re­plac­ing un­til 120 months or 210,000km, but the ser­vice book sug­gests it should be ev­ery 24 months or 45,000 km. Which is cor­rect?

Diana Davies, email

We checked with Hyundai and its ad­vice was to fol­low the ser­vice book­let as it is pro­duced with spe­cific rec­om­men­da­tions for this mar­ket, while the owner’s man­ual is a generic pub­li­ca­tion for many mar­kets around the world. The shorter pe­riod is the one to use. BUB­BLING OVER Like Alan Wylie ( Cars­guide, Au­gust 24, 2012), I also had bub­bling of the dash­board in my Nis­san Pa­trol. The orig­i­nal dash started to bub­ble and Nis­san re­placed it un­der war­ranty, but in less than six months the new dash started to bub­ble. Nis­san agreed to re­place it again, but I found out the rea­son for the bub­bling is the lay­ers of plas­tic aren’t ad­her­ing to the glue prop­erly while the lay­er­ing is be­ing done. Nis­san knows of the prob­lem, but while my deal­er­ship was happy to help me, I feel Nis­san Aus­tralia needs to in­form its cus­tomers of this prob­lem no mat­ter how old the ve­hi­cle is.

K. Brown, email Thanks for the in­for­ma­tion. I am­sure it will be help­ful for other Pa­trol own­ers who have the same prob­lem. I also agree Nis­san should do the right thing and ad­vise own­ers of the is­sue and fix their cars. DASH IT ALL I have re­cently been to my Nis­san dealer to re­port the same bub­bled dash prob­lem on our 2004 Nis­san Pa­trol that Alan Wylie re­ported, but we were told that noth­ing could be done for us. Nis­san Aus­tralia told us the war­ranty was for four years, but it had been ex­tended to seven years to fix this is­sue, but our car is out­side that time. But it is ob­vi­ously a flaw in Nis­san’s pro­duc­tion. Do

Bub­ble trou­ble: Some Nis­san Pa­trol own­ers have had their dashes fixed — but not all

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